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Use mouse to avoid the space debris and try not get hit.


needs sounds & ingame instructions. other than that, it's pretty good

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It might be interesting to make bonus timeslots, say, a five second window to draw a certain shape with the ball and ribbon. say a coil, maybe do a figure eight. Maybe allow it so if you fully encircle a certain amount of dots, they explode and you get some points and power up.

This is the kind of game you want some classic power ups: lazer, deflection (you already got that), speed (the more you get the harder ti becomes), triplicate yourself and try moving three through the field (they would be a set distance from the original. Try making "boss fights" by having the player run through a scripted labyrinth, say something geometrically nuts like ikaruga style (though just in spirit).

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This game is simple, but not fun to play.
You need more power-ups and maybe some music or something?

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wuis responds:

now have music and sound

Not bad. The name could use some work. The only thing worse might be "Anal Satellite."

Some music would help. This hurts the eyes after you play for a while, though. The very light contrasted with the very dark does things to you when you stop playing.


There's nothing to this "game." I didn't lose a life until level 9, and in a game like this your score should increase with every piece of "debris" you pass. Instead, you can only get points for grabbing the bombs. Once you reach level 10, the game stops behaving as expected, with debris hitting you inside your shield AND with powerups not being collected sometimes when you pass through them.

It's an okay start, but it needs a lot of work.

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2.58 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
5:34 PM EST
Sports - Racing