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Swingers Episode 3

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higher quality youtube version(with better sound) visit My youtube, links are in the news posts/Journal.

"Swingers Side Show Dance Club has an interesting staff.

New employees are subject to such hazing"

Oy veh has this been a fiasco. I expected to have episode four done by now... But as we responsible food-eating folk know, work comes first. Sorry for the delay never-the-less. Good news though! Thanks to those of you who asked for commissions. I have just gotten my NEW SOUND-RECORDING MIC to replace that web-mic thing I was using before. Episode four's sound quality will be greatly improved!

Commission information here http://warlord-of-noodles.deviantart.com/journal/Commission-270232084

Visit the forum http://brotherswan.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=discussion

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Can't wait to see what happens next.

I enjoy this series immensely! The characters are so unique, I love that each has a distinctive personality. And the setting and back story are told very smoothly and doesn't feel rushed or spotty. I look forward to all future episodes. The only problem I would have is perhaps smoothness of the voice acting? Sometimes the voices sound just a tad awkward, instead of like a smooth, flowing conversation. But I suppose it could also add to how chaotic the lives of the characters are.

Loved it!....but that last line escaped me. What did she say? xD

OMG this is as creative as anything, and I frikkin LUV it..! Keep on keepin on please? I wanna live @ the SSSDC toooo!!

A very good demonstration of utilizing one of the most robust forms of literature (fantasy, mythology) and creating a well designed cast of characters to form an organized series of events that keep our interest within each episode.
It's really neat and the characters are cool.