Konki Chuck

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Junior Chucker 10 Points

Acheive a distance of 25,000 meters

Average Chucker 25 Points

Acheive a distance of 50,000 meters

Pro Chucker 25 Points

Acheive a distance of 75,000 meters

Extreme Chucker 50 Points

Acheive a distance of 100,000 meters

Godlike Chucker 100 Points

Acheive a distance of 150,000 meters

Thor Chucker 100 Points

Acheive a distance of 200,000 meters

Author Comments

Chuck Konki as far as you can, propel him using clouds, planes, air balloons and rockets, but beware of the space junk. If he goes backwards he's doomed!

CONTROLS: pretty important for highscores!
Left and Right Arrows: Tilt Konki for a winged suit effect!
Up Arrow: boost konki
Spacebar: Activate Rainbow Launch
1,2 and 3: Use special vehicles

I developed this for www.iamkonki.com you can find my other games at ww.thorgaming.com and some here on newgrounds.


very good

it's a very cute game, but it really needs things like a shop and upgrades, very hard to get the medals, i like the space part, but you should really make a sequel with shop and upgrades^^

Game is awesome but the medals are way to hard to get. this is really hard and epic. please give me some hint on how to get really far cause no matter what i do i can only reach to 25000 or higher to 26000 only. great game

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Thorgaming responds:

Pro Tips: To throw konki, rather than just letting go of the mouse button, swing your mouse from left to right to build up momentum you'll be getting launches of over 500mph in no time!

Don't use you small boost (up arrow) untill you really have to, use it to save youself from stopping or bring you onto volcanoes and rainbows. Use your tilt wisely, holding left will elevate you further but slow you in the process!

Same approach with the special vehicles - use them wisely, the rocket is probably the most important, try using them at the end of your run. I'll be adding more badges, possibly some more distance ones too!

Nicely rendered, nice graphics and all ...but each time Konki has enough luck to get passed 30'000 and touches the ground, he dies. :/
This happened each time I managed to get passed 30'000. There was no progress bar saying 'too slow' and it didn't help to try go faster using a vehicle.
I can't see any reason: if he could die of bumping into things... I think there would be a health bar(?)
Any hints as to not die?

A fun game with great graphics and interesting situations. could use some work as it drags on after a while. But over all not bad

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Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
3:49 PM EST
Skill - Toss