The Village Revisited

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The Village Revisited is a puzzle game combined with some management and with a dash of strategy. Place the cards so that the roads and houses match. Peasents will walk the streets picking up several items that appear on the streets. Use the peasents to perform tasks like building or farming. Complete the entire grid and move on to the next level in which more items become available.

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I really love the game. The design is great and even after an hour the music isn't annoying. However I did find a flaw with the game. If you can get through the first few levels by building mills and such, then the game will go on forever. The fact that you can get 2 towers for every tower you spend and discards for peasants leads to having indefenitly many towers, which can be placed anywhere. And as far as I can see this leads to a game with no end. I am currently in level 42 and half the map is made of permanent buildings. The timer is over an hour and the towers do not diminish anymore, even if I use them.
I absolutely love this game but I think adding a level cap so the game can end would be a great idea. The game also seems to have problems going that high in level, it keeps stoping to load in the high levels. The level cap could stop this. Just a friendly suggestion though [which is totally not influenced by the fact that I want to beat the game and don't want to stop for hours cause I haven't found the end yet ;-) ].
So yeah the only criticism I have is the lack of and end. Everything else is great.

NEDER-IT responds:

Funny, I thought it to be impossible to get that far. I have had more input on how the game is too hard. I even inceased the starting time. I quess you are just being awesome!

Single player Carcassonne but with more stuff. I'm a fan =D

NEDER-IT responds:

That was the idea (or inspiration).

I thought the concept was cool, looks like it needs a little fine tuning as it was kind of confusing on why I couldn't place a card where it looked like it would fit.

I would polish up the menu at the top (looks like it was rushed a little) I like the rest of the graphics and the music fits it well.

RTS meets Jigsaw now that unique.

NEDER-IT responds:

Thanks for your response. The whole package needs to fit somehow. Personally I am fond of classic style and such. Nothing beats good old cast iron and wood. I feel the whole thing matches and works but it was not rushed. It was merely abandoned and at some point we all must do that.

Realy great puzzle but its too hard, i cant go throug lv 2, plz add more lives or do something about this clock. Besides that realy new, original and interesting game, you did a realy good job

NEDER-IT responds:

Time has been increased to 10 minutes. Hopefully you will give it another try. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

Just when I was really starting to enjoy myself, the timer would start counting down. (Maybe I can earn more time? Maybe the answers are in the instructions? Maybe. I'm not in the reading mood, though. I'm in the playing mood.)

NEDER-IT responds:

There are ways to get more time. Pickup clocks, build barracks and/or mills. For each you need a peasent. Just click the items on the cards for more info. That also pauses the game.

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3.83 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
6:42 AM EST
Puzzles - Other