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Retarded concept?
Half assed animations and scripting?
Probably hundreds of errors and problems?
Sounds like best game!

PRESS SPACEBAR, GO FAST - Not care edition.


After "OH, SHAZBOT" it gets way too hard. Nice animations though.

I'll just list the glitches here for those who are curious:
- When you game over at the SHAZBOT phase the "try again" button doesn't work.
- Sometimes when you get to the SHAZBOT phase the background music doesn't play.

Here are some tips and hints:
- Rainbow Dash will drastically increase her speed if Fluffly Puff is too far ahead.
- Rainbow Dash will progressively increase her speed throughout the game.
- Don't go too fast or too slow. Just keep in pace with Rainbow Dash throughout the game.

- Show accurate graphics
- Okay animation
- The phases
- Pretty fun for a simple game

- The glitches
- It's too short
- Extremely difficult for those who don't know how the game behaves.
- Lack of other features. It has a lot of potential if this were expanded some more.

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The music cuts out when you go shazbot fast. It was kind of disappointing. You should definitely fix that right away.

Otherwise, I love it.

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I get a bit of lag, so I'm taking half a star off for that, otherwise fun and the fail messages are pretty funny.

Oh, by the way, pro tip: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tense your arm playing this. You are pushing a button on a keyboard, not punching a sandbag. Use. Your. Fingers. If anything your fingers, possibly wrist should be the only things strained at the end of this.

This is... actually really enjoyable XD
It's very short, of course, but it's cute and fun.
Only glitch I noticed was when I made it to the roboflufflepuff stage, when I lost, it wouldn't let me restart.

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4.07 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
2:29 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other