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Retarded concept?
Half assed animations and scripting?
Probably hundreds of errors and problems?
Sounds like best game!

PRESS SPACEBAR, GO FAST - Not care edition.


My arm hurts now... Poor pony though... Rest in Peace Fluffy Pony...

Oh the other hand, Dan Vs. was a nice touch.


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The music cuts out when you go shazbot fast. It was kind of disappointing. You should definitely fix that right away.

Otherwise, I love it.

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i'd love to cuddle dat pony :D....she just needs a set of Air Treks and some loving encouragement....she'd be able to do it after that :D

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The game is unique I know that much.
The game its self is very simple and is just a space bar game, it did not seem to matter how much I pressed it and how fast I pressed it. I know you have said that in the authors comments its a no care edition but it would be it should be on the game somewhere. The art is fantastic and fresh I especial love the new take on My little pony and liked how there were different tears of engage. So positives are an amazing art style, a simple and working game and finally fluent animation and game play.

As for problems I relay did not see any apart from the inability to replay with out refreshing the game. So all in all its a good simple game the only way I can think of how you could improve it would be add move tears of engine.

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My wrist hurts, this is your fault.

Fluffy ponies however are still genius and are now in my sig.

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4.07 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
2:29 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other