Zombie Killing Survivual

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I started working on this around the time of halloween and once I got it pretty well working I realized I didn't like it and just kind of dropped the project, it's been sitting on my computer ever since. I know this isn't a great game or anything but I was told that even if it's not that great, I should still "show my work" and since the motto of the site is Everything by Everyone, here's my first real attempt at an action RPG in flash. I know it's a very rough version of anything to be called a game, but if there's any intrest in it, I wont mind trying to fix some problems.

Two problems I'm aware of: the overall art and the name.
The art sucks because my art sucks.
The name is aweful, because this is just the project name and was never meant to be cool.

Thank you for playing, (or at least reading).


its pretty good. i know nothing about flash games, but this is better than i could ever done.

Zrugel responds:

I appreciate the sentiment, the review and the complement :) Thank you.

Music: 2.5 /5 you could have added BGM
Gameplay: 2.5 /5 Tricky but nice
Art: 2 /5 Not bad at the same time not too good.
Concept: 4 /5 Great concept
Total: 2.75/5 It could have been better if you add difficulty choice but It is an okay game now

Zrugel responds:

Cool man, thanks for the advice, and for the review =)

the game has a really nice concept but just improve on how people would keep playing the game, a story perhaps? try improving the game and who knows you might get front paged :)

Zrugel responds:

I'll try to improve on the depth of the stories in my games, and how they're told.

Thank you :)

You got some nice scripting skills, I can tell that! Well, it's a good game, I mean, it's a formula for the good game! You need to improve a lot on graphics, so start looking for drawing tutorials or call someone to work with you ;) Good luck

Zrugel responds:

thanks man =)

I know my art needs work, can anyone recomend any good (easy) art tutorials?

Pretty difficult.

This game could really use a tone down in difficulty in the beginning. More upgrades and a way to see how they improve along with some better graphics.

Zrugel responds:

it can be hard yes...
two tricks I like are to: upgrade your attack first thing, and never stop swinging the sword.

what kinds of upgrades did you have in mind?

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2.57 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2012
11:41 PM EST
Action - Other