Did You Hear That? vol 3

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"Did You Hear That?" is a collaboration of sound and animation from 10 artists here on Newgrounds.

All activities in this collab were conducted through private messages. Meaning members had no interaction with each other, never knew who they were working with and thus could not influence one another's interpretations.

Each member was told to hand in one random sound effect.The sound was allowed to be anything that they wanted. I took all handed in sound effects, and placed them into a random order. Each member was given this compiled sound file, and weren't allowed to change it in any way.

The name "Did You Hear That?" came from the idea that each sound effect was interpreted differently. So each member heard and envisioned a different scene than the others.

It's an experiment and an exercise to see the unique perspectives each artist will take when listening to the same sound file. It yields fun results, and is a great way to get the creativity flowing!

Thank you so much to the members for your hard work and efforts. This was a blast to work on, and I loved organizing it!
I hope you all love how it turned out as much as I do. I apologize for all the delays and I hope everyone understands.

Thanks again to LazyMuffin for another unique song to play us through the menu. Neat!

And for those of you who read this far, dig around in the menus. You might just find some special info :)


I've been swept off my feet by how creative this is! I can only ponder how fun this must have been to create. The entire thing reminded me of a game of Charades. I did notice that in the author bios, many of the sound contributions were broken. Those who's had survived are Jeinu, MasterAardvark, RWA, and Tarienn. Also, you forgot to add Jeinu to the credits on the side.

I happily laughed during this movie and I'll happily laugh some more. Thank you for providing this wonderful piece and for such an innovating idea! I eagerly await the coming of March.

Noodle responds:

Not sure why the sound contibuted section broke. I just discovered that myself. I tried to bug test it all myself, but I guess I missed that. I'll fix it asap! [EDIT: Fixed now, thanks!]

And as far as being credited fully in the column beside the movie, the way NGs is set up, an invite to be credited is sent out, and they have to accept it. When Jeinu is online next I'm sure he'll accept and be properly credited.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And I'm glad someone found that little teaser so quickly! I'll be seeing you in March ;)

nice another cool did you hear that sound

You used Version 10, so later submissions will be out of sync. Other than that, good!

Noodle responds:

I used version 10 of what, sorry?

This is a realy good flash with the limited sounds they could use. My favorit one is Jeinu's. keep up the good work! :)

I absolutely loved it. This series is always fun, and even the third time around - the idea is still quite fresh. Probably because the only limitation is the animators imagination, and it is fun to see what each seperate author comes up with. I have an idea for the series though - what if you were to start a website and start a competition where artists can submit their animation and then users could vote on their favourites, and a group of the best ones will make it into a new volume - or maybe get showcased before starting a new competition. I'd like to hear what you think of that idea :)

Anyways, keep up the good work guys! These are really fun.

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Noodle responds:

It is an interesting idea. My only problem with it is that I wouldn't want to put people through all the effort of making a part to not showcase it in a new volume. The reason these collabs are limited to 10 people is because that used to Newground's limit and I couldn't bare to choose who would and wouldn't get the credit.
Neat idea though :)

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Feb 27, 2012
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