Crazy Fisherman

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You are a crazy old fisher man who fishes up unusual things. See how much stuff you can fish up in a minute.


It could definitely use some work.

It's not a horrible game, I do like it in it's simplicity. However there are a few things:

1. Gotta fix that issue with the extra box at the end of the key sequence. It shouldn't be there.

2. I did my best to take a quick look at what "crazy" things the fisherman was catching, but they were just normal fish. At first I was wondering if the people and animals walking around behind him were those things, but it turns out it wasn't. So you might want to reconsider actually having him catch some oddball things....like a car, a hotdog, a mermaid, a lottery ticket...etc.

3. It would be nice if there were levels that either extended the time or shortened it or even levels that included numbers, letters, or a hard mode that included a mix of all basic keyboard keys.

The graphics are simple enough and the 60 sec timer is enough to make this game a something you can do as a breather. But other than that I hope you can make some improvements for future games.

Good luck!

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adjua responds:

=3 your full of ideas aren't you

Welp. What to say... The art style and music are pretty good. Even the animation is alright, but the gameplay is boring. It's easy, it's forgettable. I'd say add more than just the arrow keys to the mix. Add something (powerups, I don't know) to make the gameplay less tedious. Could be really good!


Cute game! I loved it. It had an old school feel & look to it. Good Job! :D

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2012
6:58 PM EST
Skill - Typing