Rupert's Zombie Diary

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Close, but no Cigar 5 Points

Kill an angry Fisherman before he manages to hit you with his Big Fish.

Fortification 5 Points

Fortify an area.

Get Down! 5 Points

Knock down 200 Zombies.

Hungry Hungry Rupert 5 Points

Eat a total of 100 food pick-ups.

Need a hand? 5 Points

Shoot off 400 arms.

Pop 5 Points

Decapitate 200 Zombies.

Predictable 5 Points

Kill a Sweeper without being hit by it once.

Rainy Day Fund 5 Points

Start a day with 99 Rifle bullets.

Smashing! 5 Points

Open 25 crates.

Soccer? I hardly know her! 5 Points

Kick 100 Zombie Heads.

Surf's Up 5 Points

Surf 25 times.

Take That! 5 Points

Kick a Goliath.

Tough Choices 5 Points

Buy your first Skill.

Turkey 5 Points

Kick a Zombie Head intro a group of 3 or more Zombies.

Wipe Out 5 Points

Clear out an Area that had at least 30 zombies.

Wipe Out Nightmare 5 Points

Clear out an Area that had at least 30 zombies on Nightmare mode.

Zombie Crazy 5 Points

Hunt Zombies for over an Hour.

Zombie Mayhem 5 Points

Have 12 or more Zombies on the level at once.

Zombie Surfer 5 Points

Surf another Zombie straight after you finished surfing one.


Buy all the skills.

Big Spender 10 Points

Spend a total of 2500 Pounds.

Dodging Fish 10 Points

Kill a Fisherman without getting hit by any of his fish.


Kill five Zombies in a row using only your kick.

Mr. Rich 10 Points

Accumulate a total of 1000 Pounds.


Perform 15 successful pistol reloads in a row.

Premature Extermination 10 Points

Clear an area with 1 minute or more left on the clock.

Some like it Bloody 10 Points

Kill a Sweeper before he's done a full cycle of a level.

That wasn't so hard 10 Points

Kill a Goliath on Nightmare Mode.

Zombie Killing Machine 10 Points

Kill a total of 2000 Zombies.

One Killing Floor 25 Points

Fortify 3 of the 4 areas.

Legend 50 Points

Finish the game with Nightmare Mode on throughout.


Do the most damage possible with one bullet to a Goliath's Head.

Soldier 50 Points

Finish the game.

Dear Diary 100 Points

Obtain all other Medals.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

An Evil Wizard has taken over London, and is using an army of Zombies to do his bidding. You take control of Rupert Whitewater a man who stands up to the evil reign. In this action survival game, you will have to learn effective and brutal special moves to strike down your foes. Develop tactics, and purchase perks to become the ultimate zombie killing machine.

Newgrounds Edition!
Includes Medals and multiple Scoreboards so you can show how much better you are than everyone else.

Quick Update
- Fixed MIRACLE SHOT! Medal
Update v1.3
- Fixed bug where you could buy skills without having their prerequisites
- Fixed up Medal: "Legend" (To obtain: Finish the game without ever starting an area without Nightmare mode on. If you already have just clear game data under options and relaunch the game)
- Fixed glitch with shooting and killing zombies that have been knocked to the ground
- Fixed bug where you could damage the Wizard while he's in the air vulnerable with kicks and zombie heads
- Fixed problem with the "Most Kills (in a day)" scoreboard where it let people submit scores for endless rounds
- Added new scoreboard called "Total Kills"
- Modified the way the Ammo display is updated in hopes of fixing it's glitch
- Made the gun icon on the HUD change depending on what weapon you have out
Update v1.2
- Fixed Medals: Wipe Out, Wipe Out Nightmare, ALL THE SKILLS, GIVE EM' THE BOOT, Dodging Fish and That wasn't so hard
- Fixed problem where keys weren't releasing properly
- Fixed bug where the Wizard could disapear off the map when charging



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A fun game. Not hard, but not too easy. The powerups are useful. The enemies are repetitive but it's a zombie game. There are some glitches though. Every so often my character would get sucked to a part of the screen only be able to move along that section. I can get powerups I haven't unlocked on occasion. I also can't beat the game because the final boss goes off screen and never returns at some point or another.

Torrunt responds:

Sucked to a part of the screen? Can you elaborate on this?

I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to notice that you can buy upgrades without owning their prerequisites; I guess no one though to ever click on the icons with the x's on them :P. I've fixed it and it'll be in v1.3.

Do you remember if you was playing v1.1 or not when the Final boss disappeared? I'm pretty sure it's fixed now, I've tested it and can't seem to get him to do it anymore.

fun but repetitive and easy. all you need to do is shoot the regular zombies arms off. could use more weapons

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You have a very solid core game here. Controls and aiming are super-tight. Production values are very good. The branching skill sets are pretty well-thought-out, and the pricing works so you can keep a decent pacing of upgrades; not too fast, not too slow. I love that using the less-effective pistols actually reap better financial rewards than quicker-kill methods. The ability to target parts of zombies is neat, but really isn't exploited as much as it could/should be.

Which segues into, well, why the star rating is what it is. As others have noted, lack of variety is really hurting it. After a few "days", you've more or less played the whole of the game, as the skills don't change all THAT much. The game just doesn't evolve as you play and becomes an exercise in repetition. The game simply doesn't DO as much as it should. If I can offer a few suggestions for a sequel....

ZOMBIE VARIETY/PACING - I'd make blowing off parts a bit more strategic. Legless crawlers really should move slower than walkers. Perhaps headless zombies should only home in on you if you're within a certain range. I feel you need a few mid-level zombies, ones with a slightly higher HP and maybe one special move, like a quick lunge... something to bridge the gap between the common hordes and the 'boss" zombies. Speaking of, non-common zombies should probably be revealed one-by-one over a longer period of time... Sweeper after 7 days, Fishmonger on day 14, Goliath on 21, something like that. As it is, all three kind of get dropped on you in very close proximity, thus you see just those three over and over again.

LOCATIONS - The only thing that really changes between them is some of the spawn points. Varying lengths would be interesting (one level keeping you boxed to a single screen would be pretty pulse-pounding), and perhaps unmovable obstacles to have to move/shoot around or things you can interact with... drop barrels on zombies or something.

CRATES - Some people have noted more weapons are in order, and I agree, but I don't think I'd make them perma-weapons like the pistols and rifle. Think back to the old Konami/Capcom beat-em-ups where you got temporary-use weapons from crates and barrels. That's the stuff. Heck, make that a purchasable skill; the chance to have a crate give up five molotov cocktails or something. Or just introduce them in a staggered-day schedule, like boss zombies, randomly dropped into stages once revealed.

The final issue I have is actually the one that made me stop playing... the boss. I've never liked it when a game trains you to fight a certain way through 99% of its run, then suddenly requires a 180 in tactics at the end, contrary to how you've been taught prior. Rupert just doesn't move fast enough to effectively dodge the rush, and precise timing of movement really isn't a skill this game relies on. I hadn't lost a single day up until that point, and after numerous tries, I just couldn't muster up the drive to make that final push.

Lemme use a food metaphor to sum up, since I'm hungry... you have a solid house salad of a game. But if you add a bunch of extra ingredients to it... some meats, dressings, fruits... well, that salad can become one big delicious meal.

(Note to self: go to Golden Corral tomorrow.)

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This game has such a lot of potential, but it's kinda wasted, I think. First, like others said before, the endless clicking is totally annoying and the fact that there are no really different or useful weapons (yeah, I know, it's 1902) doesn't exactly help with forgetting about the monotony of this game. I mean, I barely even used the rifle, because the pistol does almost the same kind of damage, shoots faster and has unlimited ammo.
But actually over and over doing the same shit again is what kills the game for me here. I mean, it doesn't change at all. Only the mass of Zombies varies and that's it. The perks don't even really influence the gameplay. And that's already my main critic point, but as it's a really big one I only give 3 stars.

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Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2012
10:00 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Frontpaged February 27, 2012
  • Daily 2nd Place February 28, 2012
  • Weekly 5th Place February 29, 2012