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Drive a micro car in a road full of vehicles for a never ending quest for fuel, avoid getting crashed by vehicles on your way, choose day/night sceme and vehicle & collect many fuel tanks and energy cells to gather points.

Collect orbs and fuel tanks in a specific order to score combos.

Race for the highest score


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Astounding game, sir. Simply astounding. I can barely express myself in words for its magnificence.
Its pixelated and perhaps many would judge it as simplistic, but i personally enjoyed it. The game play is smooth and the ideas are well made, a tribute to old game classics and a wonderful reminding of our childhood. Personally i enjoyed this game a lot, at the utmost comfort, finding this wonderful piece of work.

Its obvious you had put a lot of work into this, and this is a personal marvelous gesture of your side, sacrificing time to provide everyone with this. It reminds me of that poptart Nyan Cat, but unlike that pathetic meme, this game has been recreated in another style, a pretty much enjoyable one.

However, like the old classics, this game has serious limitations, such as choosing options for difficulty or music/sound, or video options, or even the controllers at all. Another thing i would suggest in the next (if there will be) update, is that you add medals so you can attract people into playing it.

But even to all these flaws, i give it a 5/5. And i am not afraid to say it. I will personally strangle the people who will rate this a negative score. This needs a place for Frontpage, so we all once again be refreshed from the old days.

Keep up the great work. Shadowwalker15.

Cute little game, good job.

ok game, art work at title screen was stolen though (I'm pretty sure anyway) I think the art work was a picture by ervin wurm (who i remeber did art for red hot chilli peppers in the music video "can't stop" but anyway, the game was ok, could use a bit of work like some instruction.

Advertise-Play responds:

Nyan Cat Fly is an ok game too! =)

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2.38 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2012
7:32 AM EST
Sports - Racing