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Save a Mole

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There are 9 holes in the game. Every hole has a mole. You can hide or raise a mole by pressing the numpad. Check the keyboard configurations on the main menu.

Every raised mole gives you 10 points every few seconds. Hide your moles to avoid human's hammers Hide them at the right time to gain 100 points.

If a mole is raised for a long time it will become happy and you will gain 20 points instead of 10

Press ESC to pause the game

This is my first game :D =D :D

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Very interesting, fun and good gameplay. A good idea to raise the moles instead of hitting and good usage of keyboard. Nice musics, simple and good looking graphics. Randomly moving moles will not save them! This is nicely adjusted I think! Sound may be added to the countdown screen. A menu button should be added to game screen. Nothing more to say! It's almost perfect! Better graphics and more gameplay would bring you 5 stars. (Such as thing to collect using moles etc.)

vladimirsan responds:

Thanks :D I really appreciate all the tips I get to improve this or later games :D

Not bad for a first game, played it a few times and it was fun enough.

vladimirsan responds:

I'm glad you liked it :)

A fun little time waster, I enjoyed it for a few minutes.
Thought the music was going to be annoying at first, but it grew on me.

vladimirsan responds:

Thanks bruce :D. Actually after a lot of beta testing I ended dreaming with the damn music X_X....

I like the idea (and the cute sealion-ish moles xD)and I liked A LOT that you made a configuration for laptops (though I think it#s more dificult than the numpad ...) First game? it's great for that o.o

vladimirsan responds:

Thanks Stellancy. Yes :) It's my first game :p I've been working on it since last august :S..I'm sooo slow :(

I have one thing to say: THANK YOU! I was so tired of whacking moles, i wanted to save them now.
All biasing aside, i have to say this is a very original concept. Controlling the mole. Thats neat. The audio and animation were fluid and smooth. The art wasnt shit and its a fun little minigame. Nice job!

vladimirsan responds:

Thanks brokenrecord6299 :D have fun saving them :)