-=Stick Wars Episode II=-

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The official sequel to rob denbleyker's StarWars spoof.

This took me 3 months, so please at least WATCH it before you vote. Also, I don't want any shit reviews from idiots who are either impatient or intimidated by the size of the movie. Too big for your crappy-ass connection? Then go watch something else. I hate idiots who do that.

NOTE: My humor is very much an accquired taste. If you have a very 'british' sense of comedy and enjoy things like Monty Python's flying circus then you'll love this. Otherwise, no slapstick stuff here, so if you like that sorta stuff then you just won't find it funny. So go somewhere else.

You probably think I have an attitude problem after hearing the rant above, but I just wanted to keep people in check :)

UPDATE: Wow, Daily Feature and a spot on the NG top 50! Thanks guys, I'm honored and I really appreciate it. StickWars Episode 3 is coming soon, although not made by me, so look out for it!

TIP: If the sound and speech goes off a bit due to the movie slowing down at a few points (because of the demanding graphics routines on slower PCs-sorry!) try this - simply right click, select 'back' then select 'play' and it will return to normal. Thanks to a review called 'Stoned Possum' for mentioning this :)


Great graphics

this movie rocked but....i still like rob denbleyker's better, your graphics kicks ass but i thought your humor was a little of, at least for my tastes

This was a well animated comedy

I believe this was an improvement from Episode 1


But I thought when he said "oh no it's..." I thought he ment the end ><


THE STICKWARS SERIES STRIKES BACK! This, like the first was EXCELLENT...ESPECIALLY FOR A STICK MOVIE!!! Nice homour...nice action...I can't complain about the load time...I have cable!

nice ..

I like your drawing alot, and it was 'funny' but to many lame jokes if you ask me, and to much rip off, you should have made another story for the two Jedi's ..

Like the ending though :]

Nice w0rk.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2002
1:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature August 2, 2002