This is A Leap of Faith

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Another strange experience presented by me. This is not so much a game, but it is game like. This is an "art" game. There now you can't say I didn't warn you.

Controls: Arrow Keys

Feel free to leave me criticisms on anything you think I did wrong or should improve upon. Also, you can let me know if it is stupid or makes you angry, but if you do that I would love to know why.

P. S. I made this with the help of FlashPunk.net and OgmoEditor.com


I really enjoy the randomness of the clouds, they could help you, o r lead you to death. Witch is an amazing concept. It is like this person is taking a risk, (a leap of faith) and can choose to follow the help of others or to take his own path without help. Each choice can lead to victory or to failure.

To those confused, the clouds can help you in the game though I won't say how. Experiment. (Also, there is a little surprise with the text if you can make it to the door consecutively without dying).

And to the author, I see what you were going for, I think. A leap of faith indicates that a person is taking a risk and going blindly into a situation. However, if you play the game right, there is no or little to no risk so the message I found could very well be true if life were like this (perhaps it is).

I liked the concept. Although the controls feel a little slippy or too fast, I guess it is necessary to those who know how to win. Great game.

Pretty fun, I think the could placement is supposed to help you find gaps but unfortunately you're moving so fast that it's difficult to tell. On a few instances I found the hole and clipped myself on the outside of a spike. The sensitivity is bonkers-bananas but I know you've heard a bunch about that so I don't feel like hammering that out.

I got past the fall twice consecutively but just rubbed the wall on the end of the third. Interesting game: fun for a quick peek; not one I expect to play over and over though

Good, but the control is too sensitive. I just barely tap right and yet I move really far away from the gap. Other than that though, good game.

I don't know why, but this game gives me the creeps. Maybe because I'm alone in the room. In the dark. Sleeping. Dreaming. Falling.

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2.41 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2012
3:48 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other