GothBar Catch (Goth Lyfe)

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Spade has dropped his new shipment of GothBars! Move left & right using the arrow keys. Catch as many Gothbars as you can!

Avoid the Raisin ones, collect the power-ups and try to get an A-Rank.

This game is based off the characters of Goth Lyfe, check out the show right here on Newgrounds.

This is my first time attempting to make anything like this, (I usually just animate) so I know it's a pretty basic game. I may add more difficulties later or different kinds of things to make it more fun.

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The game was good but you could improve it by not flipping the bars, it was a little distracting and instead maybe you could keep them still and have the raisin bars flash every second or so. Another thing is to remove the side scrolling part, the screen barley scrolled but I felt like it was weird, it just didnt feel like it was supposed to be there.

As I have always been a huge fan of your series as gothic/emotional myself, I enjoyed this game very, very much.

The only problem I have with it is that sometimes I can't move fast enough to get a goth bar.

wass good

This can be improved. However, for a first attempt at a game, this is very good.

What I liked: Sprites look really good, the pixelation of the characters add to the overall, shall I say, atmosphere of the game. Gives it a nice, simple feel without getting hard on my eyes. Almost a cartoony feel.

Room for improvement!: It is very hard to collect those Goth Bars. Try increasing the speed of the collectors OR increase the rate that the health bars drop OR increase the health bar OR decrease the field in where the Goth Bars fall. (I recommend the first and fourth options first though).

OVERALL: certainly not bad for a first attempt at this type, in fact, pretty good. Keep it up.


Fundamentally flawed. The character moves too slowly to catch some of the falling items meaning that it is impossible to succeed by using skill. Please fix this.

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4.06 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2012
3:30 PM EST
Skill - Collect