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HardCore Complex Classic RogueLike RPG

Version 1.09.
Fix Mana regeneration bonus.
Reduced High Level Enemy Magic Damage.

Quick Guide:
Tip 1: Good start is important press random buttons few times at charter creation screen ;).
Tip 2: First time visiting town press [Town Info]
Tip 3: Replay missions to gain extra experience, skill point, items and gold.
Tip 4: Spend Skill Points and Experience each time you visit town.

Keys: In town use mouse press town info to see what to click on.

Dungeons Keys:

Walk and basic attack.
Click Icons Of Direction with mouse or use keys
[7] [8] [9] [Num Lock ON]
[4] [5] [6]
[1] [2] [3]

[q] [w] [e]
[a] [s] [d]
[z] [x] [c]

Using Skills: Press Skill Icon With Mouse.
Use [Space] key to cancel skill use.

There is in game tutorial in dungeon section.

if you have any tips ideas let me know in comments ;).


Slow, but i like

Why'd you rip off Dungeons of Dredmor? Th gameplay is somewhat similar, the writing is identical, and the Lich...well, looks like a more relistic version of Dredmor @_@

how a game called RogueDungeons doesnt have the rogue class?.the game itself needed some improvements you should make

well, that was beyond disappointing. It looked like such a great time-waster. but I opened it up and was treated to 1 second of a character creation screen, which then made the character for me with undefined xp, and undefined gold. I couldn't buy anything, train anything, or do anything except windowshop in the store and stare, befuddled, at the training area. I went to the dungeon portal, and headed off to the first dungeon, only to have chome crash on me. I did this 3 times in a row, same result. Every time the dungeon load screen came up (horrible choice of a load screen btw, I had no idea what was going on when it popped up and no idea of the progress) chrome would crash. Great going, next time make a game with more than 5 screens in it.
Also, every time i reloaded the page, I had to sit through the same shitty Doritos commercial involving a man screaming and howling right in my ear. Thanks for that one too.

This was really disappointing. i started the game with higher hopes but the game was far too slow. Can't I just click on the screen to walk or use arrow keys? Can't it just take less time than 2 seconds to move one space? The game probably would have been fun if I could have tolerated it past the first level. Considering how slowly the characters moved, you could have at least made the maps tiny.

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3.39 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2012
9:43 AM EST
Adventure - RPG