Amnesia: The Dick Decent

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I KNOW the title is spelled incorrectly. There isn't a way to change the submission title D:
At least not since the update. I'll fix it when I can.

Here it is, finally. I've been working on this for weeks.
It's my first animation using skeletons, and it took FOREVER.
I'm really happy with how it came out.

I'd love some feedback!


awesome all my stars belong to this i give
you 999999999999999999 stars

awesome, fun, the game sounds like fun, i loved it

what do you mean you used skeletons? like, horror skeletons?

Skeletons or not this seemed to be very fluent and more frame by frame drawn. But I can see that a lot of time was taken in the making of this and it didn't seemed rushed at all. The mouth movements were incredibly smooth. Loved the last bit with the monster, caught me off guard. Hope to see more from you keep it up

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People find this review helpful!

So much potential... You've got a great animating style here, good graphics, high-quality voice work and background music... Yet the humor falls flat so hard. None of the jokes were really funny and watching it felt really tedious. On top of that, it seemed to revolve around references to Amnesia without really going INTO the plot and dissecting it, the way a good parody should.

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4.12 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2012
4:34 PM EST
Comedy - Parody