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Let them come! 5 Points

Survive all 3 Tutorials

Good defender 25 Points

beat all maps in chapter 1.

Best defender 50 Points

beat every map in chapter 2.

Great tamer 50 Points

Breed a level 5 dragon.

Speedplayer 50 Points

Win maps in which you early called waves (Using the "lets go" button) 10 early called waves with a factor of 1.5 or better.

The best! 50 Points

Beat all maps on chapter 1 on hard mode

Best of the best 100 Points

Beat every map in chapter 1 and 2 on hard mode!

Author Comments


-added a new medal: the Best! You earn it if you survive all chapter 1 maps on hard mode.

-fixed a bug which sometimes make the heroes unatouchable for your creatures. This should now work well (they are hungry!).

-ghosts do more damage now: 50 instead of 40

thx for playing and bug-reports.


It's a bad version of Tower Defence that is found in so many other variations. The conceptual idea is good, the execution however isn't that good. The UI is messy and problematic, it's slow and it's not too clear what is what.

The music is decent and the audio works, but it's a small thing compared to the gameplay which isn't functioning as it should.

The main question is; why should anyone play this game over other Tower Defence type games out there? I don't see this game offering anything special and isn't anywhere near as good as other games of similar setup.

Good Game. Requires thought. My problem is that every level you start with the same gold...and you need to increase it as you go. Eventually its practically impossible to beat.

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All in all, this was a pretty fun game, but there are some serious bugs that have to be fixed with it.

For starters, in the later levels (Chapter 2), some enemies become "invincible" - they kill your monsters and your monsters don't attack them back. This seems to only happen to one monster per stage, so you can move onto the next stage by clearing all your rooms and letting that one monster walk out with one treasure chest as long as you still have one to spare. This is the biggest bug that I've found with the game. Some people have suggested that it may be triggered by using the fear spell?

Next up, another bug that people have been talking about is the bug with the upgrades. The upgrades for the final monsters (Champions? - Beholder and Dragon), as in Nest, Shield etc upgrades that cost 20 stars don't seem to work for those monsters. When they are bought in the upgrade book, the upgrades show up next to the tomb monsters. This should be fixed as well.

Another bug: The ghost monsters don't seem to regenerate health ever. Is this intended?

Also, for a lot of monsters, the "Improved leveling" upgrade (Lower right corner of each 2 page set) doesn't seem to function properly - the monsters can't seem to upgrade past one red star in most cases. I'd also like the leveling system to be explained a bit more.

Some suggestions: You should be able to SELL monster rooms rather than CLEAR the rooms, allowing you to change up room layouts without putting yourself too far behind.

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It's a good idea, but not well executed. I like the idea of being able to place your troops in the rooms and actually being able to see them grow larger. However the game is riddled with bugs and minor flaws like spelling/grammar, tedious levels and repetitive design and enemies. The game feels like it is incomplete. With work it could be pretty good.

Yup, I agree with Xdrago. Couldn't had said it better myself :)
But the 2 bugs I got psyched over the most was:
I had some problems with a priest who my minions ignored while he was beating the crap outta them, and when I used "clear room" the room got cleared except for the upgrades. I had fully upgraded rats n' spiders nests and when I swapped them for something else, like skeletons, they got the previous upgrades, kinda good though ^^

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2012
8:08 AM EST
Strategy - Other