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Don't be fooled by the granny shorts from the first girl. The girls get sexier as you unlock more and more girls by finding the differences in the background!


I couldn't do it... I couldn't get past Tuyen (the first girl on the fourth page). The game would only ever tell me that I found three things wrong (the bush, the branch, and the top of the pagoda), but there's a problem. Right beside the missing bush is another small bush that is shaded differently between left and right... click on it? "Uh-uh!" I could not find the fourth thing wrong in that picture for the life of me, and I've spent the past ten minutes staring at a screenshot of it in Paint. It's the only other thing different in that girl's stage, but it gives me the failure sign when I try to click it. What the hell?

It was honestly never that hard in the nine previous stages. In fact, in every stage prior, I got the maximum number of points you could get (785+ points for time remaining, x2 for a flawless performance, and 900 for the 'impossible combo'), so failing on Tuyen's stage on such a stupid technicality is like hitting a brick wall at the end of a slick drag racing strip.

You get 1½ stars for putting a new spin on a classic challenge, but adding spices to an otherwise bland entrée will not get you very far.

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How do you do the 4th girl????

Nice idea, but I agree with most of the comments. 4th page first girl is rediculously difficult and turns into a clicking frenzy. Keep the difficulty however high you want, but make a game walkthrough to show where all the differences are.

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It's in the bush Exedor :) the bush I tell you :D:D:D

First, add green marks on both pictures when something is found. When you find something in one picture, it's confusing when that space is still open in the other picture.

Second, it's WAY too hard!

In the first levels, everything is nice and easy, but suddenly, it gets so hard that it's like hitting a wall! On the one with the pagoda background (Tuyen, French Vietnam, page 4, 1st girl) I spotted the bush and the tree branch fairly quickly. The rest were found by clicking everywhere and replaying the level over and over and over. That new gameplay mechanic would become the norm from then on. Sometimes, I'd click on something, and when I replay, I STILL couldn't tell what the difference was. It seems like it's a pixel hunt now.

And you screwed up on one. On the Aurelia stage (5th page, 1st girl) the answers are the chair lever, the green book in the lower corner is slightly bigger, and the shadow of the lamp (which is nearly invisible anyway) is missing. The last item is a one-pixel-tall yellow bar in the picture. But you messed up. On the shelf directly under the yellow vase, there is a red book with a green book right next to it in one picture. But in the second picture, the green book has turned red. I clicked all over for 3 plays trying to get that to work. Then I found the yellow bar by clicking randomly.

Now, I'm on Vaishali (5th page, 2nd girl) and I've found the cup handle, the ...something in the couch arm...there's a mark missing, but I don't even know what it is, and the couch leg is too fat. I've clicked all around the level and haven't found anything else. I figure there's an ant hiding under a leaf on the plant that I have to find and click. Or maybe one of the books has a page missing inside the book. Well, no. I've already clicked all over the books, so I guess I'll have to try to find that ant.

When you make the game too hard, it is no longer fun. There is no more fun in this game, and I've still got 6 girls to go. I'll probably ever get there unless you update this and change it. It's too difficult and frustrating to continue.

And what's with the High Scores? There's no link to see the high scores in the main menu. When you go to submit a score, it will only let you if you're in the top 10, but it doesn't tell you what the top 10 are. That sux.

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