Rock Demolisher : Remake

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Hi! This is a remake of Rock Demolisher,,
Now with Leaderboards !
Automatic Save !
And Medals !

Then if you a :
-AS2 Coder
-Music Composer

That no have a team PM me, i need a team for many next project !
Dont forget to comment or give a review :)


It took me 30 minutes to get all the score medals and destroy the rock.

Now it will take me 30 hours to fully upgrade everything.


Interesting idea, but it was really just an exercise in metagaming - beat up rocks, collect money, buy upgrades; lather, rinse, repeat. And once you realize that you get more points for doing more damage, it becomes obvious what you have to do: invest all you can into power upgrades until you can max out everything else in a breeze.

The downside to all this is that the game is very quickly not about typing correctly anymore; when "killing" the rock only takes a few "rounds", you don't need much skill, and with your combo timer upgrades, you don't need to be fast to get combos, either. Speaking of combos, BTW: being able to beat the rock very quickly also meant that the "max combo" stat became useless; it simply wasn't possible to attain high combos anymore, as the rock'd shatter first.

Concerning power updates, is there a limit to them, BTW? I went up to a power of 125000 without hitting one. Also, a minor glitch: once your power goes beyond 100k, the full number may not show anymore, depending on what it is exactly: there isn't enough room for it.

Outside of this, there were a few minor problems I'd suggest fixing; the power section of the shop also said "Time Section" at the top, and there was no way to directly play again without visiting the shop first.

Oh, and amusingly, once I was able to beat the rock with just six keypresses (no space!), I wasn't able to collect the bonus points awarded at the end of a "round" anymore. As a result, I was never able to attain a score other than 750,000 anymore.

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RedRain responds:

Thanks for the review

I can't stop playing this game,it's very addicting ! :D

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RedRain responds:

Really ? thankyou very much :)

The game mechanics were pretty consistent .. but the idea of trying to beat a rock with letters wasn't very good. Upgrades were awesome and worked great , but the grinding to get the upgrade achievements was terrible ... I have already destroyed the rock over 50 times and still could only max combo timer, a reduced cost would be great.
Besides this stuff the game was great.

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RedRain responds:

Thank you 4 the review :) i'll improve anything for my next game :)

Good game but sometimes it can get boring really helps you learn to type faster or type without looking keep up the good wrk

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2012
1:20 AM EST
Skill - Typing