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Skate For Fun

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High Scores

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In Skate For Fun, you are a skateboarder that is willing to risk his life to beat the high scores. Jump between buildings to gain more points and use your boost to destroy the water towers that are blocking your way.

Controls: The arrow keys control Steve. The space bar activate the boost.

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This is really a generic game, the concept is overdone but this one was not done badly, maybe a better graphics engine, and a new concept would be a good idea as I see this as a rip of the many other games just like it

Yeah, it works....but it is really boring

No problems with it but the game isn't all that fun

where's the skateboarding tricks?

It's okay, but would be more fun if you could do tricks too. I understand it's just for fun but just jumping and double jumping gets kinda old fast. Did keep me entertained for a few minutes though.