King Without a Crown

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Short challenging castle-defence game with some new mechanics.

King just lost his crown! Enemies attacking! Defend the crown durning 16 waves of enemy army.

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I like the concept, but a lot can be done to improve this game.

1. Upgrades for existing equipment. In addition to the regular units, the king should also be able to be upgraded.

2. Specialty towers. There is no reason to buy arrows or crossbowmen. If the arrows eventually got upgraded to include splash damage and the crossbowmen to incorporate penetration, there would be more use for them.

The user interface is very easy to use, but that comes at the cost of versatility. You cannot improve or sell units, nor can you repair any damage done to the 'guard'. This game is more of a shell of a tower defense / space invader clone. You can and should do much more with this game than you have.

zzpoll responds:

you are right, as i said before, i will make more solid sequel in future.

This was a fairly good game BUUUUUUUT... every game has it's little flaws. In this game's case, once you get enough muskets, you really don't need to fire anymore, they kill everything on screen. Another problem which I know you've not considered the fairness of... every time you fire a golden arrow (AKA, the king fires), it deducts money from you. In such a fast paced game, the last thing anyone wants is to be punished for not being accurate. Still, hope you can settle for 4.5...

zzpoll responds:

Thanks for feedback, but in long distance that gold reduction means nothing, i tested it many times and it gives like maximum 300g difference at the final wave.

i dont understand, why doesnt the king have a musket?
hes the kind... there should be upgrades for traps, you (King), the guard/castle and the units you can hire, this game is just too simple

zzpoll responds:

King has golden bow with golden arrows theyre twice as fast, accurate and dealing twice the damage of regular arrows :)

Good simple game that is surprisingly more fun than it looks minus a few details...

- Arrows can be 50/50 on whether they hit because even if you have the arrow cursor behind an enemy you could miss 2-5 times yet aim at another enemy and get him on the first shot. This makes killing the larger waves later on almost impossible after lvl 5-6.

Possible content to add to the game or a possible sequel
- Allow upgrading and selling of the units you have already bought.
- Castle upgrades
- Buying of more soldiers to defend the crown

the game is good but with some RPG aspects and tweaking of the arrow fired by the player it will be a nice simple game deserving of 5 stars.

zzpoll responds:

Yes there will be a sequel, this game is just a short expirement.

very short, didn't like cross hair, good otherwise

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2012
8:25 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense