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The Fabulous Screech

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This very short game has a peculiar background. A few months ago I was approached by someone called Angie to create a present for her boyfriend, Matt. Money being short, this was to be a combined Christmas, Valentine's Day and anniversary present. He was a fan of my games, especially the ones set in the Lands of Dream, so this could be a really special gift for him. Now, this isn't how I normally work, and there were other things I was supposed to be working on, but how can you say no to being part of something so sweet? So I said yes.

I thought a bit about what sort of game to make, until eventually it became clear to me that I needed to go back to Oddness Standing, the setting of The Book of Living Magic, and make a game about one of the most memorable characters from that town. Strangely enough, it probably ended up being the most personal game I've ever made.

How to play:

Use your mouse to click on things. That's really all there is to it. To have fun, play slowly and examine the details. Note: there used to be a mute button, but a cat ate it, so now there isn't one. Well, there is, but you wouldn't want to try and get it out again.

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I played this game exactly once and absolutely loved it. The magic of the Lands of Dream is abundant in this game, despite its shortness. A truly beautiful story that actually made me cry in the end. It's so heart-wrenching that I don't think I can ever play it again. This is not a strike against the game, however- I'm just a very fragile man is all. You did well with this game, as you always do.

I loved this game :')

Why must this be so perfect? It makes me cry no matter how many times I play. Its a bitter-sweet game with just enough humor to make you smile.

I played this game originally about a year ago and it stung and made me cry and hug my cat for the next hour.

I decided that, despite how much I did love the story and how it stuck with me, I wasn't going to play it again until I truly needed it. And today, I did need it as my beloved pet cat of 14 years passed away in her sleep while I was petting and comforting her.

It still hurts more than anything, but this game made me feel a little more at peace about it. And I just wanted to thank you for making this game.

Cute, honest, thought-provoking, cat-loving, wonderful piece of art.

Thank you.