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Geometry Arena

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Geometry Arena can now be found on iOS App store as well as Android market for FREE. Enjoy!

Geometry Arena is a survival space shooter. Use ARROWS for movement and MOUSE to aim. (You may use W/S/A/D for movement as well unless you are in fullscreen mode where its impossible due to Flash limitation)

Simply kill enemies and pick up the little purple stuff for multiplication of the score gained.

So how long will YOU survive?

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i good time waster, flashy graphics, simple yet pleasing. Good sound effects. it is a bit basic but it is very fun to play

awesome game! i got hour of real fun ;)

Mouse v/s arrow configuration makes no sense. Very difficult to control - you need to have 2 primary hands to play this.

sHTiF responds:

And how would you set it up? You need two set of controls to manage both. Btw you can also play it using W/S/A/D for movement but this will not work in fullscreen mode as flash doesn't allow these keys in fullscreen only arrows.

Slightly frustrating, but gives you a good challenge. Why this was under judgement, i have no idea.

I won't survive long.
This game is the exactly same than this one: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /417593
But the previous one was better: here the moves are not smooth (damn grid!), the effects are not that much beautiful... Nothing new, nothing better. Just ok if it was in 2002 or 2003.

sHTiF responds:

You probably need to check your eyes if you don't see the huge difference between these 2 games. And btw the smoothness of the player you probably mean the player momentum which i removed since it was too hard to play with it and rather used rigid speed management as the XBox Geometry Wars.

The thing is I can do a lot of effects and stuff here, its limited because it needs to run 60FPS on the phone as well which it does :)