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Get to the exit using portals.

Left Mouse Butt

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it was an ok game but it got repetitive real quick
the music reminded me the music from the game Braid especially when you walk backward in time
it was ok in Braid because you didn't heard it all the time but in this game it was too much

So I'm a circle but I can't roll? Right then...

-1 Star for controls. The biggest issue at least for me with this game was the controls. The whole portal idea is cool, not original, but cool nonetheless. What really bugged me was jumping with the mouse. You tried putting two ideas together and it worked fairly well but jumping should be a little easier.
-.5 for Misc. By this mean graphics. The art was really nice, calm, relaxing, and overall just a chill vibe. But some of the graphics like the replay, next level, and the exit did not really fit too well with the rest of the art. Seemed out of place. Also the graphics could be a little smoother(this could have just been my computer so I didn't really mark off anything). Add an R for Replay. I was trying to Restart the map by pressing R but quickly found that it was useless to try. This is more of a personal preference but I think every puzzle game like this should have a quick way to restart.

For future updates if you decide: Idea is cool dont change it. Music is awesome dont change it. Graphics can be a little cleaner. Fix the controls and explore different ways for looking at movement. Add like a click counter or something that gives the game of more a competitive edge.

This was somewhat good. It's an interesting concept, and could be expanded further, but seems sort of like Portal. The music and art style are good, but as earlier said, it quickly gets quite repetitive.

Good job, but it could have been done better.

Animation is very good and the art style and music remind me of the game BRAID. Mildly fun, controls are kinda frustrating. Sometimes a full powered jump doesnt go as far as others? Not enough instructions.(Believe it or not some people read them) Overall decent game!

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3.43 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2012
5:53 PM EST
Puzzles - Other