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Joe has been average his whole life, but after the king calls out to all of the realm's heroes, he is the only one ready to accept the job. His mission is to defeat the puzzles evil wizard has put into his magical dungeons, and find the diamond which contains the happiness of his people.

Average Joe is a cool platformer puzzle featuring beautiful art, stunning music and awesome gameplay. Lots of fun for players of all ages!


simply amazing...

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i love it :D thanks for sharing, this game was reall fun

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Good game! its based on that game... how wais it name? the one whit the elefant...
Ah ye! the only level! i love this games whit a lot of poozles!
But is a copy of that game.. so i will discont you half star, but very well :)

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A fun game, some of those puzzles really had me thinking until I looked at the level name. I got through all the levels without a walkthrough, and I enjoyed the music. All in all, a fun game, I'm looking forward to a part two. 5/5. PS. Don't listen to Triloge, he's got some abandonment issues or something for being so angry with a cute game.

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Here we have a bad rip off of This Is The Only Level. The level gimmicks are straight out of that far superior game, only we have uninteresting graphics, a poor engine, and none of the charm that made that game fun. Also we have some bad grammar and spelling here. I know the developer is probably not a native English speaker, but when you're getting paid to make a game, you need to make it the best you can, and in this case that means getting someone who speaks the language well to proofread. When you don't, it seems lazy.
In fact, the whole game feels lazy. Case in point: At least two levels are rehashes of previous ones within this game, when the entire gimmick of This Is The Only Level was that the gimmick was different in every level. There are other minor annoyances too, like there being no pause shortcut on the keyboard, or how on the main menu there is a "New Game" option, but a "Load Game" option doesn't exist. Counter intuitively, you always select New Game, which replays the opening cutscene, then you end up on the level select screen.
Then there's the story, which only appears in the opening and closing cutscenes. The opening is okay enough I guess, but the story makes absolutely no sense once you put any thought into it. All heroes everywhere are apparently cowards since they won't stop the evil wizard that stole all the kingdom's luck (whatever that entails) even though they join the royal family if they do it. How did they become heroes again? Usually a hero is someone who does something significant, and in fantasy settings like this they usually do something like slay a dragon, fight in battles against evil, or... defeat an evil wizard? Instead someone whose only trait is being "average" goes through the evil wizard's bizarre, enchanted, deadly castle by himself. If he's so smart and agile that he gets past every single puzzle and trap set before him how is he "average"?
After 29 stolen puzzles you enter the final room where you approach the diamond containing all the luck in the land and without any resistance whatsoever you undo the wizard's entire plan. Wouldn't the wizard have maybe enchanted the diamond to kill anyone but him or set traps all over the room or I dunno... been in the room to stop anyone from beating him? This guy sounds kind of stupid.
Or is he? Because after Joe returns to the castle to wed the princess the bride and groom and the king are transported to an empty realm with nothing but a cobblestone wall with the wizard! No, wait... the ending cutscene showing the wedding is unfinished and only has the characters drawn over a cobblestone background with no floor or decorations of any kind like you might find in the royal family's castle, especially at the wedding of the princess and the hero who saved the world. We just have a stupid "OR IS IT???" ending to set up a sequel. Like I said: lazy.
The whole game feels incomplete, lacking the polish or effort a game needs to succeed. It's not just taking the premise from another game that's wrong, that happens all the time and can end up turning out okay. It's taking the puzzles directly from that other game, and then not improving on anything in any way. Everything new doesn't work because there wasn't enough work or thought put into it, and in the end the game doesn't justify its own existence. Don't bother with it.

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2012
3:25 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle