Average Joe

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Joe has been average his whole life, but after the king calls out to all of the realm's heroes, he is the only one ready to accept the job. His mission is to defeat the puzzles evil wizard has put into his magical dungeons, and find the diamond which contains the happiness of his people.

Average Joe is a cool platformer puzzle featuring beautiful art, stunning music and awesome gameplay. Lots of fun for players of all ages!


Like "This is the Only Level" , only slightly crappier.

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Overall really great game i love the gameplay, the story, and the soundtrack was epic

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Well...I honestly expected an adventure game, but this isn't so bad either.Challenging and fun puzzles, interesting ideas, like providing hints through the title of the level and some pretty damn nice soundtrack and art.
I'm impressed, good job! :D

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A very loveable game with an even more loveable protagonist.

I instantly took a liking to Joe because I myself am average. You can relate easier to him being that way, instead of a Prince who grew up with wealth, knowledge and power at his beck and call (Apologies to any royalty who played this game).

Simple and entertaining plot portrayed with cute graphics and great music. All those elements fitted perfectly together each complementing each other, great job!

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very long, but, it is an adventure game.bravo! yah i don't talk like that. Great game and great plot line. I loved the different ideas,even though at least 60% of them were from the "This is Only Level".

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2012
3:25 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle