Ultra Profanity Shooter

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Can you save Community Town from the profane assault of the dastardly F-Bomber? You must use the Ultra Profanity Shooter to take down the profane bombs, otherwise Community Town will have a VERY bad day!!!


Interesting but strange game. The message behind it is nice and understandable. It was short and simple, nothing special to be honest. :)

funny sends a good and bad message because it says the words out loud but who the he- *gets slapped* ow i was going to say who the 'hec' cares
... anyways -_ - aw what the hell lets spam profanity shit fuck hell balls actually balls isn't a cuss word... *akward*

funny... gets old fast though

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ReeseHollandGames responds:

It isn't meant to be an epic journey, just a fun little game to enjoy for a few minutes. I'm glad that you liked it!

It could use some sort of visual distinction between good and bad words, other than the word itself. A color difference or something like that. Some words could be questionable as bad, but counted in the game as good.

ReeseHollandGames responds:

One of the main focuses of gameplay is that the player must read the words and quickly determine whether they are profane or not. Maybe that could be a power-up for a future version, though...

Entertaining enough for me to play til i won. Got some good voice combos out of that. But I gotta say, it could use work. F-bomber didnt really do anything, and it flies by virtually the same spot and always in the same direction...so...its not really a danger. =\

and i shouldntve lost life for stopping the education bomb...i find education very offensive

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ReeseHollandGames responds:

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game, and the voices.

I find the quality of some education systems to be pretty offensive as well, but the use of an organized and often curriculum-based system to convey information is certainly not profane.

The F-Bomber doesn't really do much because out-of-content profanity really isn't that harmful. However, if a sequel were to be made, I plan to have a lot more feature for the F-Bomber.

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3.15 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2012
2:47 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed