Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie

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Bored. So I made this... it sucks that Vegeta never gets to do shit in any movie... or the series... this is basically his role.
I did this in a couple days, not working fulltime and did the terrible voice acting myself... I know, it's bad, I didn't necessarily plan for it to be great.

edit - holy crap.. front page! Thanks so much!


To be fair the animation looks like with work it could eventually get there but the fact you've ripped off dragonzball p entirely makes it a bit dissapointing :/
What is with all these rip offs anyway , first the pokemon but with animals instead one and now this :( come on peeps , originality is key

Iznvm responds:

I'm pretty sure Oney isn't the first person to parody dbz bud...

No power in the voices, no dignity in the reply I'm looking at to Shin-Stumpy. He's right. It attempts to be a parody but falls out BECAUSE of the lack of strength in your voices. You don't have to SOUND convincing to make it a parody, but it's Dragonball Z; IT'S MEANT TO BLOW YOUR SPEAKERS OUT! Not to mention, Cell was in only one movie (maybe): Fusion Reborn. And he could never have attacked Vegeta, since he was dead. You could have picked Bojack or Broly or Super Janemba. Overall, you fell down.

Iznvm responds:

cool, your animations are good to

Leave the DBZ parodying to Team Four Star. This was weak as shit.

Iznvm responds:

Well darn tootin! I was gunna make a career out of it, but since a Sith Lord himself didn't like my stuff, I guess I'll stop altogether!

Not a fan I think vegeta Isn't given enough credit. Yea i'm not a fan. sorry.

Are you serious? This is a 'Dragonzball P' clone, and so bad... FAIL!

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Feb 21, 2012
4:59 AM EST
Comedy - Parody