Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie

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Bored. So I made this... it sucks that Vegeta never gets to do shit in any movie... or the series... this is basically his role.
I did this in a couple days, not working fulltime and did the terrible voice acting myself... I know, it's bad, I didn't necessarily plan for it to be great.

edit - holy crap.. front page! Thanks so much!


Wasn't...really at all funny. I was expecting so much more when it stated Vegeta in every episode as if there would be more then just one clip. The creativity for this seem well... as if trying too hard for a joke. I'm not sure how to put it, I'm a very humours guy but this just wasn't at all funny to me.

Though regardless of the fail of humor. The reason for 1.5 stars shall go through a lot of critic analyzed point of view.

-2points: After watching the entire clip, I can safely say with out a doubt, this was extremely short. A longer video would've been great for this kind of thing.

-1point: The voice acting needs a bit of work... but I think that goes more so on their facial expressions. It was random in that, not so funny random kind of style and after viewing several of other different DBZ jokes that goes with vegeta and Goku. I have to say this was a bit of a let down... I guess when you see so many you begin to look for some thing more unique, original, but this seemed like any other video. The cell punch was pretty funny and Vegeta flicking off goku began to build up my humor. Thus the credits kicked in. Ooouuucchh but that goes back to the -2points.

To put it short: Perhaps try some thing different that isn't going to rely on random facial features and silly voice acting. Creativity of a new viewing of humor such as perhaps Vegeta blowing up since he seems to comit suicide in a way or perhaps his attitude, being looked at with a different prospective.

- 1.5 points: The animation of the characters seem poor, in a way, not every detailed. Vegeta flying and having his face smacked across the ground. it seemed too unrealistic or in a better way of saying it since this is a cartoon. Too simple... simply moving perfectly in one direction with a slight rotation and the body hardly doing any reaction of the impacts. Be hilarious if he actually was flying the hell off of the place, rag doll like physics, some thing in a way that doesn't make it seem it was done just to get it done.

The art work was nice and the idea was rather neat* (*Even though stating there have been many DBZ point of views with Vegeta and Goku. Some thing about Vegeta feels left out.)

Dear god I think I have been spelling Vegeta wrong this whole time.... oh well.

In short, this wasn't really one of my favorite things to view and watch. Though we all look forward in seeing what you can do with other things. We as in people viewing it.

Simply a person who is giving a review and critic opinion.

Keep up the good effort.

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What Xertiv said.

The animation was too flat and this was overall not hilarious.
The only thing that I thought was good about this was the fact that the concept was so true.

Not sure how these things make front page.

The humor is completely unoriginal, especially just following the coat tails of Oney's DBZ parody: Dragonzball P, which was on the frontpage-- What back in December? Only, your voice acting wasn't as good, nor was the art.

My advice? Make something all your own, humor-wise and study animation. I think after you've made several more flashes your art will be a definite improvement and will be something worthy of the front-page, but I think the humor is just recycled and dry as it stands now.

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Feb 21, 2012
4:59 AM EST
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