Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie

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Bored. So I made this... it sucks that Vegeta never gets to do shit in any movie... or the series... this is basically his role.
I did this in a couple days, not working fulltime and did the terrible voice acting myself... I know, it's bad, I didn't necessarily plan for it to be great.

edit - holy crap.. front page! Thanks so much!


Good message, pathetic Kakarot is always too busy reviving/healing/otherwise-slacking-a fter-Vegeta-saved-his-arse to save him, but the audio was worse than poor Veggie's plight.

The animation wasn't half bad, but the voice acting was just awful. I'm sorry to be so blunt but it sounded like you were barely even trying or trying to be quiet in consideration of people you live with, especially with the yelling. I do agree that Vegeta gets the shit end of the stick all the time though.

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This was very true. Not to suprised it got Frontpaged , though.

Oh yeah congratulations on that.

the voices didnt match with the animation, it wasn't as funny as it could have been based on the idea. it could have worked out however them acting like they are illiterate wasn't funny at all. the animation wasnt too bad though i feel like if it had better voice acting or at least a better script it could have been very good.

The animation was really quick and non-fluent. The voices were a little funny, but didn't seem to match the animation enough. However, the joke is still there.

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Feb 21, 2012
4:59 AM EST
Comedy - Parody