Julia: Escape from the dr

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You are asleep and dreaming. Don't let the nightmares wake you up! Your camera is your weapon. Your dream is your castle.


Shouldn't the red dots be hearts? I didn't realize what they were until I started getting hit. I also wish there was a storyline or intro to explain why we're taking pictures of these things.

It is alright, but it really needs a storyline, also you should balance the upgrades a bit, cuz I already had all upgrades on the third dot (world map) and it should have some more game modes (it get's really boring if you have to zap them everytime.

-you could also make it harder by decreasing the flash range, or something like that.

I liked it! The concept was great. However, I found the game relatively easy. Around halfway through there were no more upgrades. And the bright flash hurt my eyes (however, that might just be because my eyes are really sensitive).

My suggestions would be to make the game a bit more challenging, add more upgrades/make it so you only get upgrades once every 2 levels instead of 1, and do something with the flash so it isn't as bright.

Nice relaxing soundtrack, visually good. but not challenging at all.

I like it.

It's a nice looking interesting enough game and it kept my interest the entire way through.

I feel like it was quite a bit too easy as I beat it without taking a single hit and never really feeling any sense of panic that I was going to get hit.

Potential fixes in the future could include the addition of meatier ghosts that perhaps would take 2 or even 3 flashes to capture.

But all in all, good submission.

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2012
2:24 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed