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Bubble volcano

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Blue Tiki 5 Points

Pop 50 blue bubbles

Dark Blue Tiki 5 Points

pop 50 dark blue tiki

Green Tiki 5 Points

Pop 50 Green Bubbles

Pink Tiki 5 Points

Pop 50 pink bubbles

Red Tiki 5 Points

pop 50 red bubble

Yellow Tiki 5 Points

pop 50 yellow bubbles

Blue Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 blue bubbles

Dark Blue Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 dark blue bubbles

Green Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 green bubbles

Pink Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 pink bubbles

Red Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 red bubbles

Yellow Kahuna 10 Points

pop 100 yellow bubbles

Blue King 25 Points

pop 150 blue bubbles

Dark Blue King 25 Points

pop 150 dark blue bubbles

Green King 25 Points

pop 150 green bubbles

Just Getting Started 25 Points

Beat Level 1

Pink King 25 Points

pop 150 pink bubbles

Red King 25 Points

pop 150 red bubbles

Yellow King 25 Points

pop 150 yellow bubbles

Island Expedition 50 Points

Beat level 3

Heart of the Volcano 100 Points

Beat level 5

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this is way to difficult bud!!

Trash game.

Timer is absurdly low. 20 seconds at last level, actually, 17 seconds, because the "developer" allow timer to go down before players can effectively play.

Medals are also poorly coded - I popped <40 and then >100 total balls of blue color and it simply denied me the "50 blue balls" medal. Now I have to erase my data to go for it again.

Would've given this a 5-star rating, but the timer hurt the game more than the challenge of playing the game itself. If the timer wouldn't have been utilized in the game, it would've made for far better sequels or challenges seeing as the bubble rotate causing mass confusion when trying to line up a decent shot.

Awsome game

This game entry you have here is differant and has its own style and element about it. I have really come to enjoy this piece and there are a few things that you could change about it, but nothing too diffacult, but anyways keep up the interesting game content. OK this was a great game, i love these bubble types of games it was something differant and i like that you put a twist on it shooting from the top never seen that before but that made for a great game, and a fun twist on a classic bubble game, i look forward to playing more of this and more of your games These game types are always pretty interesting, they bring a certain style and certain pazazz to the table, and im pretty impressed with the effort you alos put into this, making it that much better so keep up the awsome style and the unique design.

so now that i have been thru and thru your flash here a good while, I think i would like to take some time here to show and explain some old ideas aswell as some new options, for improving things, allthough you have most of this down but here are some thoughts on some things. So i think the only positive idea i can suggest with this one is that, maybe add more "FLASHY" effects for each levels and popping bubbles and such. maybe even throwing in some "GLOW" effects.

The game is fun to play as long as you don't want to win.

Medals seem to be bugged, first of all. At least 3 of the achievements successfully unlocked in-game were never awarded as medals, even after refreshes and replaying.

The game has a solid concept but it's very frustrating to play and doesn't feel like skill is as much a component as luck. It reminds me of a game called Spin Jam on the PS1, but in that game the player could control the rotation of the cluster. I think the impact-based spinning physics are a cool addition but it makes the game too frustrating. Sometimes a bubble will hit and the force and direction don't match up.

The instructions don't explain much except for encouraging you to use the color-bomb pieces, but it doesn't explain the fact that color-specific bombs must land against the same color piece to work. It's sort of appropriate that the instructions only focus on the bomb bubbles because that dumb luck is the only way i've gotten close to winning. I hit round five several times, nailing break after break and can't even make it close to the goal unless I get a Wild bomb. Also, the pink and red Wilds look very similar and i often have to stop and squint, wasting time to make sure I don't shoot it the wrong way.

Also doesn't explain that every time your shot doesn't cause a break, you lose a heart, and once your hearts are gone, more bubbles appear from outside. The first fifteen times I played, I didn't even notice anything was happening with the hearts and I thought new bubbles just appeared on their own. Then I got mad because when those new bubbles appear, the cluster keeps spinning and the timer keeps going, but you're unable to shoot for a few seconds. I understand that may be considered part of the "penalty" for not magically making a break with every single shot, but it mostly just screws up the subsequent shot once your lock wears off.

Speaking of not being able to shoot while time is ticking, it's INCREDIBLY frustrating to watch the first three seconds tick down before you even get your bubbles to shoot. ESPECIALLY when you get to the fifth level and you hardly get any time to start with.