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Xibalba's Revenge 1.0

rated 2.61 / 5 stars
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Feb 20, 2012 | 9:25 PM EST

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT --------------

Please note that this is an INITIAL version of the game. There are some bugs. I hope to create a new and improved version with new levels and features, but that will done when it is done. Until that time, I hope you enjoy version 1.0 of Xibalba's Revenge.


Controls --------------

Press the game window after the images start flashing. This will load the game.

- Hold LEFT to walk left and RIGHT to walk right

- Press UP to jump

- Hold DOWN to duck

- Press SPACE to shoot blow darts

Pickups --------------

- Touch heart objects to increase your health to full

- Touch dart bags to increase your dart ammo

- Touch coins to increase your score

Score --------------

- Along with your health and ammo, your score is shown in the upper left of the screen. You gain points whenever you kill an enemy or touch a coin.

- Gain as many points as possible. If you get enough points, you will gain upgrades such as increased damage and health!

Checkpoints --------------

- Each level is a checkpoint. If you die in a level, that level will completely reload; your ammo and score will also be reset to whatever values they had when you started that level.

Description --------------

"Xibalba's Revenge" was my final University project. It is a sidescroller filled with challenging levels. It incorporates platforming, combat, and obstacle avoidance. A quick eye and swift hand will be needed in the deadly houses of Xibalba. You must use your blowdart gun to deadly effect against Xibalban denizens. And you must jump over and duck under the underworld's hazards. Use these skills to stop One Death's invasion of the world!

"Xibalba's Revenge" is copyrighted by Christian Basar, 2012. All design, programming, sound effects, and artwork was done by Christian Basar. All music was created by Carlos Castillo (great job, Carlos!).



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

There seems to be a jump that you can't jump, other than that, it seems solid. Couldn't get far enough to say much otherwise


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The game is clunky and ugly, but there's a game in there somewhere.

Graphics: Looks like you drew it in Paint... 1/5

Music: It's not good, actually kind of annoying with the humming and the occasional hum and bang that seem completely pointless. If you were going for missed it. 1/5

Story: What story? The only explanation we get is in the Author's comments, and it's vague and useless as exposition. Some games don't need a story, but it looks like you tried to give it one and failed. 1/5

Game play: Finicky, it took me four tries just to get the game to work, and even then the game can't decide what speed it's going in. I move slow, I jump slow, but I fall fast and the speeds of my darts are inconsistent, as is the rate of fire. Your ledges aren't leveled well and because of the problems with jumping and the scenery, getting past each jump is a chore in itself.

You tried and you failed, but I've seen games like this succeed, you just need to try again, with much much more effort.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

As boring as it may be, you have to test your stuff before you submit it. This is broken, and shows me flashing pics of what I assume to be parts of the game.

MrChristianBas responds:

Yeah, interestingly enough the "seizure loading screen" does not show up when I test it within the Creative Suite itself. This only happens on Newgrounds. So I will have to fix that. Again, clicking the screen does get it to the actual game.