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Crazy Apple 3

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WHOA! Daily third! Thank you to all!

Been a while since last time I submited something original.

Crazy Apple 3. Third in series not counting spin-off Super Apple. Started working this one at the end of September last year.

This is my first game using ropes so keep that in mind if ropes start act funnily.

I also wanted to get rid of end stage goal and replace it with smooth level transition mechanic thats makes all 20 levels seem like a one huge level.

The whole thing is programmed with FlashDevelop. There is no single line of timeline code.

Flash CS3 was used to create levels and other stuff.

Audacity was used to sound editing.

Sounds are from:

Thanks to all who helped with this game.

Fun facts:
Spider hiss sound effect is me hissing at microphone.
Game has 5729 lines of code (not counting comments and empty spaces).

Have fun.

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bug spike helm bug but good game though

I'm sorry, but I didn't like it too much...
The Graphisms are not too good, and the game is very linear...

But that's just my opinion, no worries =)

So you say the bug is "rare" if that is so then why did the game freeze when I was traveling over the log after climbing the rope? Also the game lags every 2 or 3 seconds.

Tupo26 responds:

That bug never happens to me. I have all day today tried to replicate that bug without success. Even my friends didn't experience any kind of game freeze.
If your game froze at the beginning of the game then fault is something else than I originally thought
I'm sorry about the lag the game is pretty performance heavy. I'm also currently optimizing the code.
The only thing I can tell you to do is to update the flash player or try diffrent web browser.


Game froze after the crazy apple successfully completed the area with the beetles with spiked shields.

Tupo26 responds:

Dang. That bug still exists...
But it is rare bug that doesn't happen very often.

Absolutely wonderful! All the fast paced action, lightening speed reactions and infuriating difficulty of any platformer! Brought back memories of old Crash Bandicoot games, with an equally quirky protagonist and equally annoying enemies that I wish I could attack in some way (although I appreciate it's an apple), but that's my only criticism in this otherwise awesome game!