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Ninja vs Zombies: Survive

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Ninja vs Zombies: Survive! is unique game combining the best aspects of platformer and fighter genre. You run, jump and perform acrobatic tricks like wall-jumps or mid-air jumps to dodge your enemies and defeat them with your mighty katana sword and shurikens.

Game includes endless waves of zombies. The difficulty and amount of zombies increase over time. There are many types of zombies, from normal cannon-fodder zombies to powerful, tank-type fat zombies.

Upgrade your sword and shurikens to deal more damage, your health to endure more damage and agility to run faster and jump higher.

Complete 30 achievements (scrolls) to increase your starting gold and chance to survive the zombie apocalypse!


*Arrow keys or WSAD to move and jump
*Z or J to attack with sword
*X or K to attack with shuriken
*P to pause
*Space to enter Shop

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Good game... the technique though is just stay in a corner then hold jump and shuriken.... atleast until you have gathered enough scroll so you can max upgrade right from the start... the only srolls I didn't get is dying 20 and 50 times... also the 500 combo... nice game...

LOL. the zombies must have paid the health bills to regen in chinese things all the time. hmmm. i wonder how much brains they paid.

It's a fairly good game, just a little lacking in complexity.

This game has some problems, the controls are simple but a bit "sticky" for a game where you control the thematically agile ninja, it's especially troublesome when you can't attack and move at the same time especially when those bloody skulls start showing up.

It's very easy to feel impotent, even at higher levels your weapons don't do much damage (at least up to level five) and most of the enemies can withstand a flurry of blows. As a result the best strategy is to hit, run, hit, then run again until you run out of space. Ultimately most of my game was spent hiding in a corner holding down the katana attack button waiting to clear out enough skulls before heading down to the floor to kill two zombies before the next wave brings another 20 skulls.

Remember that a major appeal for the zombie genre is the mass slaughter. Your zombies just blink and disappear. Without the gore and violence inherent to the genre all catharsis and satisfaction are lost and the whole ordeal becomes tedious. Just an unending horde of monsters who want to eat my brains. Worse still when nothing I do seems to have any effect slowly leading to a feeling of ennui.

Otherwise a lot of the game is promising, the graphics were cute and there was a good level design. I managed to play the game until wave 35 before frustration gave way to boredom. It seems like a promising start anyway and could be a fun game after some tweaks.

People have always have a fascination for zombies, either because its the most realistic horror monster or people can't imagine the apocalypse beginning with anything else than the undead.

The idea of facing zombies in a arena against some other strong adversary or just a joke match up touches many of us and ninjas seem to take the spotlight most of the time what with their unmatched speed, agility and precision.

Onto the first thing we see, the menu. It is very simple and has nice eye candy to it, I thank the artist for their simple style and dynamic depth.

Now for game play, the game quickly tells you almost everything in the game, except for the double and wall jump which could prove trouble but I was able to learn the controls quickly so I can't remove stars on that.
The game is simple, you play a ninja with 2 attacks and must use your speed and accuracy to take out the many zombies and flying skulls. These are ok, but the game lacks enough good mechanics to make these two moves interesting or flexible when zombies start swarming (Especially the skulls.) My answer here would be to add combinations like using the arrows and awsd keys to angle the shurikens and create multiple sword manoeuvres to make combating the enemy more fun and open.

The movement was fast yet easy to control, however I think double jump should be removed for a more powerful single jump and better wall jumping, I believe the wall fall should be slower at first and move faster when you spend too long on the wall to punish slower players, the current speed is not enough I feel. Next there should be an animation when moving down the wall like a smoke trail and a burst of smoke when jumping from the wall and floor to give a more feel of power to jumps. The attacks could also use some work, the swords and shurikens could have delays on them to make combos and movement seem much more interesting and useful (An example would be making shurikens have a slower delay but shooting multiple projectiles like 3 shurikens behind one another in a quick burst)

The graphics and animations in the game are a different story. I can see you worked hard on the sprites, but it just seems bland, the zombies look too similar even with the different types with one another, trying a darker green tone could help make them look more dead which you want more then a "mutant" look they currently sport. Secondly the zombies are too stiff and box like, they need to lean forward and hobble more, like they are hunchbacks. This makes them more zombie as well as clumsy and stupid. The heads are the biggest problem here with them seeming to use the same, the fatter one should have a rounded triangle look, a fat chin and neck might work with the faster zombie being more bony and ragged( Having visible hands and feet on the floor add effect, making them seem animal like and look better when they leap like a tiger.)

The skulls are most likely my point in this game, they are the hardest to take care of and appear much earlier then the easier ground zombies. Slowing them down a bit makes them less overpowered. The problem mostly is the fact that all the enemies (What I've seen so far besides the skulls) are ground based and make using the ceiling both too good and less charming since we are drawn to the floor more. Having more flying and maybe some jumping and ceiling/wall based opponents would make having to fight for the ceiling more of a needed advantage than a cheap one.

All in all the game is solid, but it needs to do more to stop itself from getting repetitive and boring.

Moczan responds:

Thanks for long and constructive review, I really appreciate it! It's my first game and now after release, I'm aware that there are a lot of aspects I can improve. I'm planning to make a sequel this year and I will definitely address those issues you've pointed out!