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Frontier Tank

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You are the last surviving tank. Help is on the way. Until it arrives your mission is simple: HOLD THE LINE!

Move the with your mouse. Left button to shoot.

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Decent game. Definitely needs upgrades.

A pretty nice game, but you could improve it.You could add upgrades and a story mode to make it better. You could also speed up the game a little.
Other than that, nice game :)

Reminds me of the old ATARI game "Caterpillar", in quality, playability, and design.

Seems like you needed to do a bit more testing on it, some of the tanks' behaviour is a bit odd, like how they turn left and right repeatedly but keep moving forward when hitting a tree or destroyed tank on the edge. I'd also like to find out BEFORE I start playing that destroyed tanks form an obstacle and trees are not just scenery. Also also please include a way to get to the main menu from in the game.

Besides that functional and fun, just needs those few touch ups, and you could probably stand to speed the game up a little bit =)

Alright game, but gets too boring because you only do one thing.
you should add a rewards system maybe? like, get money from killing tanks and buy upgrades
also, sometimes the bullets stop half way through the map.