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Bonus Stage 1 50 Points

Complete the first bonus stage

Bonus Stage 2 50 Points

Complete the second bonus stage

Bonus Stage 3 50 Points

Complete the third bonus stage

Bonus Stage 4 50 Points

Complete the final bonus stage

Goodbye Junkyard 50 Points

Complete the third area

Goodbye NeoCity 50 Points

Complete the second area

Goodbye Robot Plant 50 Points

Complete the first area.

Goodbye Rocket Silo 50 Points

Complete the final area

Author Comments

(Just to point out, on the "level select screen" use the arrows to select the level and then go to the option and select play ;P)

(Edit2: I think I might of fixed some lag issues for some people thanks to a very awesome guy called Mr.Fulp pointed me into a direction that might be the cause. However without experiencing any myself (even on the lower end laptops I test the game with,) I can't be certain. Only time I had issues with lag (not with this game) was when a very power draining advert was being displayed at the top.

Secondly, if people are experiencing lag could you please state what browser you're using if you post it in the review section thanks! Although hopefully the edits to the game should hopefully of reduced it less. Another note, it could be Internet Explorer because three friends who played it on Firefox and then Internet Explorer said that IE runs it a bit slower...

Finally thankies for the front page! Seriously means a lot to me, like I say it's a learning experience and try and improve every step along the way!)

(Edit: I've fixed the issues in that some people can't beat level 1-7 and 2-1.)
(Edit: For people on slower computers a standalone exe can be found 'ere: http://www.mediafire.com/?bn33294vhkbe2vt )

Well instead of making another shooter I decided to make a puzzle/action/platformer type thing titled MagnetKid. The game is challenging but I've managed to beat it :P.

The title was a little to ambitious for me I believe, but still I tried and I don't think I did too badly :3 I'll prolly work on something smaller next, like a SmashTV type game, I dunno :P

Arrows = Move
A = Jump
S = Switch Polarity
Enter = (Accept Menu)
B (while in game) = Return to menu
M (while in game) = Mute sound
N (while in game) = Unmute sound.

If the MagnetKid's polarity matches the object's polarity, they will repel.
If the MagnetKid's polarity are different to the object's polarity, they will be attracted.
Spikes/Bombs/General hazards will kill you...but you have unlimited lives so...!
Find the four gameboy's to warp to bonus levels and unlock NG medals!

Anyway yeah, I just wanted to give designing a platformer game a stab, I just hope ye likeths :3


(This is my first stab at a platform game, so yanno :P)


the game couldve been better if you wouldve stuck with using the space bar to jump. the game is good though but its not great

Atractive!!!!Nice Job!

Same here! Its a bit laggy....

its a good game but it is to laggy

Well... it is an interesting take on the platform game. From what I was able to tell you made good use of puzzles, however the game does have a few glaring problems that really detract from it.

1. The game runs slow. Yes, I am testing this on an older computer. However, the graphics in the game are nothing spectacular so the game speed shouldn't be as bad as it is. I rather get the feeling there is something up with how it is programmed causing it to be inefficient. The game is still playable with this, but it is something to look into.

2. Exit issues. On several levels in the robot plant (most notably level 7) if you hit the exit 'wrong' your player disappears without exiting the level and you have to restart. In the first level of Neo City this problem is even worse and I was not able to get the exit to work. Essentially making the rest of the game unplayable.

3. Although the game seems to have some sort of story, from what I was able to tell from the two areas I was able to enter the story did not seem to be overly well developed. Granted this may be more developed as the game goes on, but again I wasn't able to play further.

I think that this could be a very fun game, I really liked the way the puzzles were presented. Mainly if you fix the problem with the exits it would be well worth playing. But to that end, however, I was not able to play through the game and can only give it 2/5 and 2.5/5 respectively. I do hope a fix for the exits is uploaded soon.

Keep up the good work.

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Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2012
8:30 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle