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EVo3: Finally Some Action

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Feb 19, 2012 | 10:02 AM EST

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Author Comments

Xleek goes berserk. Apes get smart. Brian almost dies. Meredith ruins everyone's good time. SUCH SCIENCE!!!

Sorry this one got out about 6 months late. Minecraft happened. However, if I did submit this six months ago, I wouldn't have had the time to put so much thought and love into it!

CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS FLASH!!! If you watch this flash and get upset, it's your own fault because I told you not to watch it.

Lovingly crafted in about 4 weeks.

Also in order to fully understand this, you're going to have to watch the two previous movies if you haven't already (unless you can understand this movie, in which case you're some kind of wizard)

<edit> wow, front page and daily 1st? Thanks Tom, YOU ARE THE GREETEST



Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol what if Meredith transported them to theMatirx, there is no spoon lol :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

And thus, the black man was created. Right on time for black history month.

EVanimations responds:

That wasn't the point of that sequence at all...the final result of the evolution sequence represents all of humanity.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


If a human from the future (the Grey), that evolved from Humans, led to the Human race to come to existence, then how did the Grey come into existence?????? 0.o

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EVanimations responds:

THERE IS NO FREE WILL, this always happened and was always meant to happen.

Did I just bum you out? Aw.

It goes like this: ape---> primitive human---> modern human---> transhuman from the future. It's not that hard to understand. I don't think that creates a time paradox.


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it's about famn time this came out

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EVanimations responds:

famn str8


Rated 5 / 5 stars

EVo FTW! Great job, as always Evan! Although, as an Archaeology student, I'd like to point out several things in your movie, which collide with what I learned about Anthropogenesis:

1. Homo Erectus' weren't all that monkey-like, and as their name says, they were fully bipedal and upright. The evolving guy looked more like early Australopithecus, or at best, Homo Habilis with a serious case of arthretism.
2. The Erectus hominids already knew how to use fire. They also were the first pre-human forms to leave Africa, but I guess that the evolving guy was representing H. Erectus Ergaster sub-species, which stayed in Africa.
3. the tent-like huts were invented by later form of Hominids, the Neanderthalians, which looked much different than the evolving guy at that moment.
4. Wheat farming have been developped in Neolithic age after Pleistocen period, and by fully evolved Homo Sapiens.

BUT afterall that was really cool movie, I loved when Xleek freaked out.... Can't wait for new episode.

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EVanimations responds:

Thank you!

I do know all of these things (i am a bit of an archeology buff myself) but i took a few liberties with the history for the sake of interest. In fact, one of the main themes of this series is that one must challenge what we think we know as of right now, because the reality and history of the universe is probably so much grander and more complex than we could ever hope to comprehend as we are...

I know the 'Homo erectus' primates more closely resemble Austrelopithicus africanus, but that was so i could do the evolution sequence more easily. If I started out with a short ape-faced african human and evolved him to a tall human-faced african human, the intermediate steps would have been too difficult to tell apart.

The tent-like structures they built were actually grown trees with the leaves propped up, signifying the discovery of craftable shelter. I know fire and stone tools were already discovered but i just felt like i had to include it because the machine 'gave' them their intelligence. I was also going to include an animal husbandry bit, where there's a pen full of boars or something, but there wasn't enough room for that.