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Xleek goes berserk. Apes get smart. Brian almost dies. Meredith ruins everyone's good time. SUCH SCIENCE!!!

Sorry this one got out about 6 months late. Minecraft happened. However, if I did submit this six months ago, I wouldn't have had the time to put so much thought and love into it!

CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS FLASH!!! If you watch this flash and get upset, it's your own fault because I told you not to watch it.

Lovingly crafted in about 4 weeks.

Also in order to fully understand this, you're going to have to watch the two previous movies if you haven't already (unless you can understand this movie, in which case you're some kind of wizard)

<edit> wow, front page and daily 1st? Thanks Tom, YOU ARE THE GREETEST


Love it! There are not many flashes where aliens try to help our world instead of taking it for themselves.

EVanimations responds:

*ahem* posthuman from the future. It explains that in previous episodes.

"CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS FLASH" why would you say that? I'm a creationist and honestly there is really nothing there to offend "us" aside from your comment that is totally insulting. As if to say "we" have less than half a brain and "we" can't take things with a grain of salt. Its a fictional flash short, why would any one take it that seriously unless your intentionally trying to offend someone, sir Createtard. (EP1)

Now onto the more pressing matter, Your presentation.

Honestly this all audio. Nothing really happens. The entire thing can be just listened and were pretty much clear on exactly whats going on, the end is the only exception aside from that there is nothing really to be seen. I wondered things like why you didn't bother to animate the campfire and why certain things like the background of the ship and are just bland and boring to look at, while the characters just stand still while only there mouths seem to move.
Only person that seem to have any actions while talking was Xleek who seems to be a seriously boring version of Zim and half the time I was wondering when Grrrrr was going to pop out.
The jokes seem to fall flat the same typical slap stick you'd come to expect in a lot of these other flash cartoons, even further characters don't express pain anger or anything else aside from their lines. Then things aren't really animated most of it is a motion pose, that don't really convey anything coupled by the voice acting chalks up to "I'm just reading the lines" which yields into forgettable characters and an even more forgettable flash animation.

Next from your presentation is please fix your framing / set up your shots better and look at your timing
Xleek blends into the back ground when hes getting mad so most of a persons focus is on Brian since hes the one talking and his face doesn't clash with the BG and he seems to be pushing the rest of the cast off screen , so unless your forcing your eyes to try to see Xleek, no dice. Other parts were Brian's hand gets cut out of the shot cause both characters are oddly spaced on the screen, so there was no sense in him moving it since he's wearing black clothes in an already dark area, his gesture is like being cut off and once that scene is over you forget that he even moved his hand at all, or he even moved for that matter. I understand that all gestures aren't all that superduper important but if some one shakes there fist to sell a point thats something that you should frame correctly so that your viewers may be able note, so when they think back on that moment they can remember what he did, and lets not forget the kind of jestures a character makes defines him/her as the viewer sees them. Also some fames that need more time, you just flash some shots right before us and stuff need to sink in or comprehend is lost.

Next your Pallet is Ew.
Reason your main characters barely stand out from the world around them, when I'm not looking at the flash I cant even remember what they look like especially Xleek, his character is like the batman in a dark alley, and then you shoot your cast into an even darker setting. That turns from understandable to yellow lines every were, think about your choices in scenery and character colors before you make them.

LAST Story.
If you want this to be taken seriously you have to put lasting things into it. You can't expect the message your trying to tell to come across properly if every thing is the same tone all the time.
And you really give no incentive to keep watching.
Whats the Problem, IDK
Whats the Goal, IDK
Why are those 2 even on the ship, IDK
Oddly enough here is a survey fact, majority of people in around the globe believe in some form of creation over evolution, or a combo of the two. So why again are THOSE TWO really there?
It all most seems like a very poorly told conspiracy story with shallow characters, and nothing seems to stick and there is no presence of "The universe is bigger than we may think" at any point which is something you should have established already. Please fix.

EVanimations responds:


Wow, you just really had nothing nice to say about this flash, did you. If not, why didn't you just vote 0?

If you mentioned once that you were angry about the creationist jab, then proceeded to offer constructive criticism (ways i can improve this series, usually starting the sentence with 'you should') i would believe you.

But since you mentioned the creationist jab once, proceeded to say nothing but bad things about it, then mentioned it AGAIN and tried to justify your position with a bullshit statistic, I think you just wrote out this exhaustive (and extremely nit-picky) review because you were butthurt about that little remark.

Not everyone is an excellent director, or a colorist...my job is to grow as an artist and as a person, and to develop my characters and story so that I can earn a respectable name in the flash portal.

Answers to your 'unanswered' questions are on the previous episodes. Watch em.

Next time you review, offer some pros and suggestions, not just cons.

Oh, and for the record, there are more scientists in america named "Steve" who acknowledge evolution as a valid scientific theory than all the scientists in the world who don't. Thing is, our theory is backed by scientific observation and overwhelming evidence...your...HYPOTHESIS...is not science and never will be. It's just a conclusion that you're desperately trying to find evidence for.


You would not believe how long I was waiting for this to come out, great work ! The story is really coming out well, I cant wait to see what happens next.

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EVo FTW! Great job, as always Evan! Although, as an Archaeology student, I'd like to point out several things in your movie, which collide with what I learned about Anthropogenesis:

1. Homo Erectus' weren't all that monkey-like, and as their name says, they were fully bipedal and upright. The evolving guy looked more like early Australopithecus, or at best, Homo Habilis with a serious case of arthretism.
2. The Erectus hominids already knew how to use fire. They also were the first pre-human forms to leave Africa, but I guess that the evolving guy was representing H. Erectus Ergaster sub-species, which stayed in Africa.
3. the tent-like huts were invented by later form of Hominids, the Neanderthalians, which looked much different than the evolving guy at that moment.
4. Wheat farming have been developped in Neolithic age after Pleistocen period, and by fully evolved Homo Sapiens.

BUT afterall that was really cool movie, I loved when Xleek freaked out.... Can't wait for new episode.

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EVanimations responds:

Thank you!

I do know all of these things (i am a bit of an archeology buff myself) but i took a few liberties with the history for the sake of interest. In fact, one of the main themes of this series is that one must challenge what we think we know as of right now, because the reality and history of the universe is probably so much grander and more complex than we could ever hope to comprehend as we are...

I know the 'Homo erectus' primates more closely resemble Austrelopithicus africanus, but that was so i could do the evolution sequence more easily. If I started out with a short ape-faced african human and evolved him to a tall human-faced african human, the intermediate steps would have been too difficult to tell apart.

The tent-like structures they built were actually grown trees with the leaves propped up, signifying the discovery of craftable shelter. I know fire and stone tools were already discovered but i just felt like i had to include it because the machine 'gave' them their intelligence. I was also going to include an animal husbandry bit, where there's a pen full of boars or something, but there wasn't enough room for that.

Great job. Overall entertaining and enjoyable to watch. My one suggestion would be to turn down the effects of Xleek's voice a bit. He's a bit difficult to understand with everything stacked on to make him sound alien-y.

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EVanimations responds:

duly noted. Thank you!

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