EVo3: Finally Some Action

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Xleek goes berserk. Apes get smart. Brian almost dies. Meredith ruins everyone's good time. SUCH SCIENCE!!!

Sorry this one got out about 6 months late. Minecraft happened. However, if I did submit this six months ago, I wouldn't have had the time to put so much thought and love into it!

CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS FLASH!!! If you watch this flash and get upset, it's your own fault because I told you not to watch it.

Lovingly crafted in about 4 weeks.

Also in order to fully understand this, you're going to have to watch the two previous movies if you haven't already (unless you can understand this movie, in which case you're some kind of wizard)

<edit> wow, front page and daily 1st? Thanks Tom, YOU ARE THE GREETEST


"What's it like being a Wizard? "It's pretty boss."
*Goes to watch the previous movies anyways...*

Oh no. Evolution on a screen. My believe have been offendadid.

I'm sorry, I found that suggestion not to watch funny. Regardless it's a good flash.

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EVanimations responds:

Thank you, but I feel like I have to put that warning up there because I've had a couple problems with creationists in the past who were legitimately hurt by my movie's message.

I am anxiously awaiting the next episode. They don't come out fast enough for me. As for the creationist comment, I think this is more of a blend between evolution and creationism as a great power beyond primitive man's understanding that is seemingly divine in nature descended to intervene in the progressing of humanity.

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So, I don't normall watch flash movies, but this series is making me reconsider that. Keep it up man, and I cant wait for the next one!

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Kinda confusing because I haven't watched the two previous, but now I'm gonna do that because that seems like a promising series. I didn't notice anything negative, and small laughs when Brian did stuff, and like the animation style and fluency. good job

@neonero7 notice how EVERY comment besides your is at least 95% positive. including mine.

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EVanimations responds:

i guess i'm going to have to include a section in the description that tells people they should watch the two previous movies, then :)

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4.15 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2012
10:02 AM EST