Mario Sonic Zombie Kill

February 19, 2012 –
March 5, 2012
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Bowser army has turned into zombie after got affected by the virus. The army became more powerful after turning
into zombie. Mario and Sonic will have to fight the zombie army with every weapon that they have. Help them to defense their
base against the zombie attack.

Kill as much zombie as possible to collect coins and upgrade your weapon.
use mouse aim and shoot.


good game but any reason as to why each shot shakes the entire screen? each shot from the uzi shakes the screen i fear for how the screen will shake with the mini-gun. n yea i agree how do u turn off the music or at least put some different tracks. the upgrade buttons don't seem to small to me but i do understand others would have trouble.

this could have been a good game... but there's a lot of bugs... like i can't even buy upgrades... only weapons... and a lot of things...

At about level 26, i could afford a third sonic.

After that, i didn't need to play the game anymore. Three sonics will kill anything before it gets close to the base.

2.5 Stars: Visually appealing but bugged and not properly balanced.

+ polished look
+ proper controls

- Upgrade window messy, 'buy' buttons too small.
- Hitting 'M' turns sound off but leaves music on.
- Music annoying
- Enemies only differ in speed and HP -> vary sizes! vary walking patterns? make 'em run zigzag!
- Sonic becomes useless later on -> Give him upgrades instead of just spawning more.
--- Think about balancing the upgrades. e.g. switching from fully upgraded rifle to much more expensive sniper rifle lowers ones dps.

to easy

This is the best game I've played on this website!!Why cant all Mario Games be like this!!I mean this game has great graphics,awesome guns and the perks are awesome!!!!Who ever made this game make another one!!!!

I think that this is a fun game.But after a while I kinda get bored.Also how would the ladybug robots get infected.They're friggin robots for crieing out loud.Also I think It might've been better if you could choose either sonic or mario as characters and the other one would be an assistant sniper.I give it four blasts to the face,out of five.

sucks kid make a cool game and ill perdose it kid send it to my inbox k kid good bye

I played until level 45, but I could've easily stopped at level 30. This game isn't bad, but after buying two-three sonic snipers and a few Marios, well... there's just nothing left to do ! It's a shame, because the graphics, sounds and weapons are good, and the beginning is quite entertaining.

Not bad, some of the weapons are useless though, why buy the sniper for example when i can just keep the uzi until i can afford the chain gun


Good to begin with but then when u got 3 Sonic & 9 Luigi, you can just sit back & relax & get bored just watching it endlessly :D

3 Starts for the effort



okay wow what to say okay first off this game is alright but like most people I had a few problems with it...
1. the upgrade bar is completely unnoticeable when its highlighted which was a problem for masterpacman and I noticed how to work it after figuring out how to grabbing a luigi upgrade

2.around mid-20s the waves stop coming which for me was fine but some of the other people where complaining about that it sucked cuz i was still a ways from getting the chain gun

3. another problem was that sonic seemed utterly pointless tack on just to say it was a cross over if you really wanted some brownie points with the fans you could have at least put 2 more character AIs however this fact is overwritten by the fact that after I grabbed the third sonic no enemy could kill me literally I got up walked away for a lvl and they beat it with out any help also I am letting them play a lvl while I write this too any way this was the most annoying thing I had with the game it was interesting that with each new sonic their weapon fire increased however it would have been more interesting if you had the 1st AIs weapon fire increase as the players ascend and had 2 more character AIs with different weapons done the same all in all I felt like SuppaKillah sonic was a pointless take on just to say this was a crossover.

4.complain number four is one I Ironically couldn't careless about but felt if I didn't I would seem like a troll and that is the weapons lvl up is annoying after you buy the weapon its useless untill its leveled with the last weapon you lvled up as your main weapon untill you strengthen or speed up the reload time so it gets annoying also while I enjoy the fact that the chaingun is the best weapon to use some people do bring up a good point about having 2 more types to fall back on for specific situations like have the chain gun for mobs a sniper gun for the flyers and the grenade for the armoured of tank enemies but that is just a thought.

5. the final one the lack of sonic characters was a disappointment and I am sadden by that because it seemed you could have used some for great boss tanks for the lvls it seemed the only interesting tank enemy was bowser who shows up so late in the game if you have the 3 AIs you don't even need to worry about him it would have been interesting to see some sonic enemies pop up and see how different they would be that is all

all in this was a decent version of this type of game, that said it felt it could have been better if you added two more different AIs with different weapons and have the AI grow stronger as you ascending the Lvls and maybe even have had boss waves during every tenth lvl of the game starting off with a shield enemy then maybe something stronger leading to bowser then a few more lvls of mega enemies or something leading to eggman the maybe ending with a bowser/eggman final boss to end the game but I digress that is all anyway I normally don't play this kinda game and am pretty happy with my progress I will end my game with max everything my health bar was increased to 1070 and my final score after beating lvl 50 was 1,013,166 one death and I think a load of coins in my pocket

it was a okay game i couldnt get addictded to it cause there were few gun limitade upgrades but the gameplay is all you would supect from this type of game it wasnt missing anything as far as gameplay but no innovation not many guns or upgrades its lacking challange cause the goombas dont do damage so you can just let them through

Honestly, I didn't think it was THAT bad. I don't know what all the complaints are about. Yes, it can get slightly repetitive, but most games like this tend to get like that after a while. This game kept me entertained for at least an hour or two. I thought it was fun, and after I got the Uzi, that's what I stuck with. (I didn't like the Sniper) But yeah. Overall It's a fairly decent game.

It just sucked... I'm really not a big fan of these defend games, but still I kinda like them, but this... Oh my lord! I think I havent played a game that has a starting gun more pwerful than the ones you buy! Is it on purpose? And after I realized that goombas won't do any damage to you, I just got frustraded.. I hope you get it in the future, 'cause now is not your time..

I honestly do not like this game. Every time I would click an upgrade It would not upgrade.

I honestly don't like it. The game-play offers nothing new, nor interesting.

Very fun game, however it gets a little repetitive after a while and the upgrades are limited.

I had a similar experience as Radjulz, except that I haven't failed at lvl 26 (and got 2nd place daily).

From lvl 27 onward, the enemies stopped coming in waves, coming instead one at a time, and, as I haven't failed in any level before or after, this is a bug unrelated to failing a level.

Besides, there are some weapon balance problems:
- There is no difference between the Assault Rifle and the Uzi. Both have the same rate of fire, the same damage and the same clip size. The only difference is that the Uzi costs more for the weapon and the upgrades.
- The Shotguns sucks. Badly. It has a small clip (considering you spend 3 bullets each shot), does crappy damage for his rate of fire and the spread shot is not as useful as it sounds.
- The Minigun is just godly, and way better than any other weapon. This may be intentional, as it's the most expensive weapon, but I think it's cool to have 2 or 3 big weapons that you can change depending on the situation, but the Minigun renders any other weapon (including the Grenade Launcher) obsolete.

Also, it looks like Sonic was just thrown in after the game was finished, just to say that it is a crossover. For all that matters, it could be Toad or Peach holding the Sniper Rifle. If the intention was making a Mario/Sonic crossover with zombies, then you could use some Sonic enemies in the game too.

And, while it's cool to have a grenade launcher and blowing zombies up with modern machinery, a staple on all Mario games are the wacky weapons, so I think it would be nice if instead of the normal weapons we had fireball plants, shell launchers and such.

The final veredict: It's a fun game. It becomes repetitive after a certain time, and the issue with the enemies after lvl 27 didn't help it either, but it's a good time waster nevertheless.

good game but got repetitive after lever 30. Got all sonics and I just let the game run itself

Okay. I just discovered there was a max of 50 levels, which was good because I was going to call it quits afterward anyway. Scored Daily 20th, would have been higher but failed once on level 26 when the entire wave spawned at once and my fully upgraded light machine gun failed to be adequate enough. Strangely, after continuing (with a -10% score penalty), wave 27 until 50 only ever spawned enemies one at a time. As I was defeated on wave 26 due to a horde appearing (along with nasty lag because of the sheer numbers) I'm not sure if the subsequent waves having enemies appear to fight like some old Kung Fu movie (one at a time) was due to failure on my behalf or not.

The chaingun seems to be absolutely necessary in a game where all waves would spawn enemies in groups, as even the grenade launcher (I was totally expecting to have to calculate a ballistic arc) fully upgraded cannot cut it against the enemies with godly amounts of hit points. However, the chaingun, at 50,000 coins, comes with silly expensive upgrades, each at 10,000 coins for level 1 and 10,000 coins more for each statistical upgrade per level. But, as it was, one at a time, it was overpowered where the other weapons were underpowered.

The snipers are interesting at first as they can, as a trio, clear out basic enemies with ease, but then become useless against the tougher enemies when the hordes start rolling in. So, instead of the snipers wiping out the little guys while I focus on the tough ones, thereby limiting the amount of creatures I have banging at my barricade at one time and reducing overall damage (which is what lead to my one failure) they all focus on one enemy on the screen at random. If that enemy happens to be something absurdly tough (for half-way through the game) then you cannot get them to aid you against the smaller things until that one enemy is killed. And if that enemy becomes 'bullet-blocked' by other enemies at the barricade then you're just out of luck. The snipers only have two things going for them.

Snipers sometimes fire at the top-left corner of the screen, complete with blood splatter, which instantly kills one of the enemies spawning on the left edge of the play area, no matter how many hit points the creature is supposed to have. But the other thing? It relates to the most annoying enemies in the game.

Two of the enemies in this game can go semi-transparent thus rendering them completely invulnerable to Player Fire, while snipers can target and shoot and damage them just fine. They are the Boo and Dry Bones (ghost and turtle skeleton). The idea is nice, but execution is crude. The amount of time spent 'phased out' is seemingly random. The Boos are easy enough, as the sniper trio can take them out before they reach the barricade even if 'phased out', but the Dry Bones are just horrible. They often spawn transparent and walk the entire distance of the screen without becoming vulnerable, and as they are one of the most tough enemies in the game you can see how this would be annoying. Worse yet is how, on at least five counted instances, the Dry Bones 'phased in' for no more than a tenth of a second before becoming untouchable once more. Very bad. Especially if they spawn one at a time and you have to stop the entire wave to let this thing crawl all the way over hoping it 'phases in' for you to whittle it down.

Suggestions? Make the Boos start phased and travel one third to one half the screen before becoming fully vulnerable permanently while halving their HP total. And the Dry Bones? Lose the invulnerability but have them 'crumble', then reform with half HP when another enemy spawns. And level 50? At least give us a climactic unique boss with slow ranged attacks that you can target and destroy. Seems most of the game is Mario based and Sonic is an afterthought, too. Use different music for each background, or even alternate between waves. OCRemix has great Sonic and Mario content, too, for use. Better yet, halve the game. Fit 50 levels into no more than 25 and regulate spawns better!

Decent game but become boring as heck after you get chain gun. You could literally mow down any and all enemies with it making every wave just busy work. This had decent graphics too but it truly needs more variety. I played through all 50 levels and it was boring as heck after few levels.

I bought all the sonics and they do all the work ... i just watch ._.

I got to level 35! Then I got bored O.o

Once you get three Sonic snipers, you can sit there and the game will play for you. You don't have to shoot. Assistance is nice, but they're doing all the work. The game lacks any real variety, and i've never had difficulty that didn't involve trying to swap guns. The shotgun has a glitch where if you keep rapid firing, it'll skip the reload time. You might want to fix it.

This game has absolute potential, but it needs more. It needs fixes and it needs more content. I look forward to seeing future versions of this game. :)

the game is great.
but how to i use luigi ?
i cant figure it out.

why is this game is in p bot pick it a ripped off of Penguin Massacre

as much fun as it is to shoot zombies, this game seems repetitive. Graphics are average, the game lags alot when you fire a gun, and when you get all your upgrades at around wave 35, it just seems boring at that point. that, and the fact there are no big bosses. there should be a boss at every 10 waves. Also, later, the zombies come out one at a time, instead of all at once. Long story short, it's a very easy defense game with no real challenge.

ak74u is kinda sorta uzi but could have picked better. great game tho

all this needs is a bunch of boss's

Ripped off.

I have no idea why you decided to rip this game off either, it was horrible then it's horrible now.

I know I played this before, and no not something similar, but this game. Did you upload this earlier, or is this a second post? Regardless, it is an okay game, but basically no replay value. I hope someone didn't steal this from you.

A nice tower defence with cool upgrades and controls.

For some reason after a while in the jungle leves, the creeps start coming one per wave, so its impossible to loose even if you are with the starting pistol.
after that the game becomes just boring and dull.

Zombies that look like Pandas or something, Gumbas, Guns, Sniper Sonic and Mario (who rather looks like Luigi here btw)? What? No, really, nothing in this game really fits. The graphics of the enemies do not only fit each other, but don't fit the background as well. Mario's base looks like you just randomly generated some kind of hill that doesn't fit in the Super Mario universe at all. Why did you mix Zombies and normal Super Mario enemies anyway? Makes no sense and also makes nothing fit to each other, as said. What where those fast blue things for example? Zombies? Super Mario enemies? Didn't recognize that.

Moreover your menu is totally fucked up. Sometimes the prices jump to 2138508 gold for repairing stuff, although the real price is 500 gold. Also I don't see what the damage upgrading system is aboout. First you update something the damage jumps to 15 and after a few more upgrades it is 2? Did you maybe mean 1,5? And still if you meant 1,5, it's bad and rather should be different for each weapon, because this way you can't compare them to each other. By the way, the sniper rifle is totally useless with 5 shots, compared to the Uzi (which is not a Uzi at all) or any other weapon. The weapon system definitely needs some work.

A few more flaws:

- Why does the level background change after level 12 or something to jungle? That's not even Mushroom Kingdom anymore. The only thing your game has to do with Mario from this point on is some randomly spawning Mario enemies or a Luigi-lookalike, who's firing at them.

- The music is extremely terrible and doesn't fit the Mario theme of your game at all.

- Everything besides the music (weapon sounds, etc.) stopped playing for me at a certain point for the rest of the game (stopped playing at level 22).

- It is super easy.

- Super monotonous, because nothing changes besides enemy speed and damage resistance. Also no grenades and not entough items (especially no ones that are quite different from each other).

the game is okay i guess i just don't know what to say about this game

I loved it! The only thing I would recomend changing would be how many enemies were coming out at once. Once you got to the higher levels, yeah teh enemies got harder, but only one enemy was coming out at a time, making it impossible to die. I could literally sit there and not fire a bullet and my sonic helpers would dominate.

Sorry, its a poor ripoff from an other game.
Forgot the name but all you did was changing the graphics from penguins and Ice in Mario and mushrom kingdom

well i like it but i wold have liked to see more variety,maybe some bosses,and also make it a bit more difficult. other than that cool game.

So my overall impression is of very fun and addicting gameplay with some drawbacks. The first and most glaring is that the game is way too easy. The first gun you can buy - the assault rifle - starts with a 100 bullet clip? not only is that unrealistic its wayyy easy. Also some miss chance when firing would greatly increase the difficulty and playability of this game. One other thing you could do is limit ammunition to what the player can purchase with funds making the management of money a more serious part of gameplay.

With all that said this has still turned out to be incredibly fun and addicting gameplay - 5/5 9/10

Nice game, but its got a few annoying issues. First, why does the music come back on between levels? I can't stand the music and the need to turn it off after the start of every level is infuriating. Second, as has been mentioned in other reviews, the sniper aids are over powered. Although it is nice to have the help, I shouldn't be able to completely ignore the game as my hired help kills everyone for me. Third, I've upgraded the gatling gun, but I only have 250 shots with it. I seem to remember having a lot more for it immediately after I upgraded. It may be a glitch or a bug, but the gatling should never have fewer rounds than the uzi.

It wasn't that great and I didn't like how the "uzi" was really an AK and the Assault Rifle had 100 round "clips".

Its okay considering it is only a skin. if this was an original game, you would have gotten high marks.
Original game: Penguin Massacre

this was a great game! yes it got a lil repetative, but that didn't make it any less fun.... i literally only stopped playing because i ran out of time. so i have no idea how it ends lol...but great job anyway....it was a lot of fun to play!

it's a exelent game, but where is mario? and if you have 3 sonics it's so easy

really fun game but after 30 minutes it gets pretty boring but still a good game

It's a good game. The money/price balance is good. But it becomes too easy after some investments. I've 3 sonic snipers right now and I can go afk without trouble.

It's pretty good, but it needs to be more challenging. I'm now literally just sitting back and letting the 3 Sonics do the killing for me. I don't even have to touch them mouse until after each wave.


Very nice game. Should have had a final zombie bowser boss though. It was just sorta abruptly ended. Anyway... The game was a little repetitive, but it wasn't too bad. All the automatic guns were completely useless. I ended up using the pistol until i got the shotgun, then when I got the grenade launcher upgraded, their shit got messed up. The grenade launcher should have been the final gun to unlock. Maybe if the chaingun had explosive ammo or something, the only thing it had was more ammo than the other automatic weapons.

Anyway, nice game. Aside from a few shortcomings that don't really hurt the game much, it is a very good way to kill an afternoon. So, kudos to you good sir.

This is kinda a nice game. I really kinda like it.

Also, i think of this game being a real movie.

I meant in a flash submission, if this was in a contract of yours.

Not bad. The idea was actually pretty creative, and the game play was actually pretty smooth. The rave music really bugged me though. It's really not a big deal though, I just think that something else would've been more fitting.

its pretty good

very nice! though i suppose i should expect this kind of quality from a professional studio. Gameplay was nice, though the ammount of money you gained each kill might need an adjustment. other than that, good job!

Rather good, kind of generic, but I must admit, the music gave it an extra star.

It's not bad but it gets boring over time,but it's a little bit addictive.Also it shoudn't be for everyone.For me I guess it's ok

This is nothing more and nothing less than a cheap zombie-kill game with a lot of bugs and bad design decisions.

Bad decisions:
1. No tutorial
I don't need much of one. One little screen saying 'Click to shoot, M to mute, P or space to pause, R to reload' would have been enough. You can't assume that these are known (in a lot of these games, for instance, space is reload).

2. Lack of committment to the style
I played this game because it had Mario and Sonic on it. The problem is, while the players and the enemies fit the theme, the most important part of a zombie shooter - the guns - don't. Forget pistols and grenade launchers and colour it up with something at least remotely based on those characters. Fireballs, maybe, or a ring-gun. I don't know. Be creative. Also, forget military consistency; Mario does not belong in a green helmet.

3. Strange enemy design
There are certain times when convention is a good thing. When I'm introduced in level two to flying enemies and goombas, hours of playing these games told me that they should be either faster and weaker (fliers) or slower and tougher (goombas). Instead, they were both faster and tougher. You're not supposed to upgrade both that early.

4. No choice
I like Mario, but I like Sonic more. Could you not have introduced an option where the player could switch the roles of the two? It couldn't have been that hard; you already had the shooting animations.

5. Odd level progression
There seemed to be no pattern to how long the waves lasted. Sometimes they were ten seconds, others over a minute, with no sense of climbing scale as the game went on.

1. Useless Goombas
When Goombas reached my wall, they seemed to do no damage.

2. Headshot variety
Sometimes when I got a headshot, I'd do bonus damage. Other times, I didn't. Which is it?

3. M for music?
Pressing the M button toggles the display in the corner that says 'sound on/off' but it does not actually toggle the music. I had to click the button manually to get the sound to shut off.

4. Oh, so you want quiet?
At the beginning of each round, the music came back, despite the sound being set to off. This required me to click the off button twice to get it to shut up again.

There could be a decent game here, but it's a lot of work away.

Great game! Really polished and fun with a deep leveling and customization system. The game play got
really repetitive to the point that i wanted to file for carpel tunnel syndrome.

It had the potential to be fun, but it had too many bugs.
I couldn't buy and of the upgrades. When I turned off the sound it would come back on the next level, but it would still say it was off. The clip reloaded if you pressed your current number, but from zero.
I personally felt like the Gumbas came too fast because there was no way to buy the next level gun to make it possible to kill them in time.
I honestly don't feel like the music fits the game very well, but that is a little more of a personal preference.

Okay but nothing original could improve the visuals and add some more stuff in to stop it getting repetitive but the music is epic

How i buy upgrades..maybe i miss a butom


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3.42 / 5.00