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Dear, Princess

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Feb 19, 2012 | 7:01 AM EST

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Author Comments

I made this for Valentine's Day.
A short narrative animation about a princess who recieves a special letter.

Sorry for the awful voiceacting, hopefully I will get better in the future.
Thank you for watching! Thanks for the compliments and critiques! :)
Wow! Thanks Newgrounds for the Daily 3rd place and for the frontpage appearance! :D

(READ THIS!!!!!!)
*This may bother others (I didn't realize about this issue, sorry for those who felt tricked) but this movie is about the person of Jesus Christ (not religion).
If you are bothered by that fact, I am sorry but THIS is what the story IS.*

I noticed some people didn't understand the story, and to be honest, it may be hard for one to understand.
So here's what the story actually meant (sorry for any grammatical errors):

This story is NOT about love in a romantic way, I'm talking about REAL love. Unconditional love shared between a parent and a child.

The princess symbolize the everyday person, you and me (gender does not really matter)
She is alone and gives letters to her prince.
I represented the six princes as her family, friends, boyfriend, money/fame, drugs and religion but overall I just wanted to convey anything that one seeks for in life.
And obviously, how life goes on, everything that the princess (we) admire rejected us, and left us hurt, in pain.
Pain leaves a scar in us whether it's emotional or physical (as if it almost felt like you were stabbed on the back, or pierced by a sword). Hence I showed that pain in a physical manifestation of the princes stabbing the princess.

Here's where I placed the gospel:
"The Prince" is Jesus Christ.
The letters the princess recieves and rejects is Jesus' voice.
Despite that, we still try to find the other prince (which was foolish because a prince, rather, "The Prince" was right there behind the door)
It's when the princess, comes to the point of crisis (the lowest point) to make her realize that she had no prince to give letters to anymore (have anyone to seek out for to love/ be loved).
Then she realizes the letters (voice of Christ) in her life.
When she listens, she hears "The Prince" knocking on the door.

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." (Revelation 3:20)
The Prince is here, waiting for you, knocking at the door of your heart.
He wants you to open it, but he will wait for you.
Jesus is patient, kind and eternal = Love

Jesus is waiting for you to come join him, so you can have eternal life, a neverending tale, an awesome journey to his kingdom.
He wants to go there with you, together.

In the story, "The Prince", Jesus was the princess' seventh prince.
7 is the common number used in the gospel.
I based if off from the biblical story of the Samaritan Woman from John 4.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

so... The 'PRINCE' who is suppose to represent Jesus (a middle eastern jew) in this story is a blond haired, blue eyed, white guy?

I'm a little insulted.

Just KIDDING! ;)

Jesus is pretend, so you could make him green and it would be OK.

just to clarify, Jesus was not an actual person (like Gilgamesh, who was a character in an even older text then the bible, and also took place in real historical places. For some reason people no longer believe it's real just because the story makes them 'FEEL' good.)

It's a simple mistake made by people who forget that to say something is TRUE, there has to be some evidence.
Generally more then none.
(A story first written about a person over several centuries after a person supposedly died does not count as evidence. How the story makes you feel also does not count just as feeling sad during Bambie does not make it real. The time you whispered to yourself and you found your keys is also out as coincidence.)

Your movie is nice and everything, good job, Nice art with a little more practice I think you should really get the hang of drawing in flash. All the music worked together.

I would suggest taking some time to learn more about recording sound; just rubber banning some paper towels around the face of a mic and recording with your head and the mic under a box is the cheapest way to get even the worst mic to give you high quality sound (make sure the box is one of those brown ones that have the wavy center layer, trust me, it's is a trade secret and it really helps eliminate ambient noise and give you voice a stronger quality.)

But please, this is the Internet; If you are going to make bold irrational statements like 'Jesus of the bible was real.' Have something to bake it up.
There are impressionable people watching your video who are willing to believe anything, and they may never address the real issues or problems they are having in life if you convince them everything is going to be made better by believing in an invisible zombie space Jew.

What might have been a nice little motion comic (animation is ANIMATED) borderlines on neglectful and irresponsible because of some strange need to promote an archaic phobia of the truths of life and death, and really, the continued push of such nonsense with no evidence to their validity is a terrible detriment to mankind finding the real secrets of the universe.

Two and a half STARS for the effort.

if and before you reply to this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, THINK! Why, past your own emotional need to, do you need to believe Jesus was real, and objectively, how do you know, truthfully, past your own feelings about it, do you know ANYTHING in the bible is based on any kind of historical event besides it is based in real places (japan is a real place but most anime is just make believe,) it mentions real people (Washington never cut down a cherry tree even if there are stories about it,) or talks about real events (the titanic was a boat that sank, the events and people in 'The Titanic,' the movie are fiction.)

Please think before you hurt people with this noise of a 'REAL' Jesus.

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the critique, i'll definitely take on the advice on the mic :)

just saying, what makes me believe that jesus is alive and real is because i ACTUALLY experienced his presence and the great wonders for what he did in my life and in many others.

i genuinely thank you for having concern/trying to clarify your truth but i would rather live for Christ, even if he is made up or not because in my honest opinion, living for him is much exciting, more adventurous and more hopeful than living for my own foolish ideals which will all die out in the end.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The real prince is pornography or, in the case of a woman, a vibrator.

Always there to please you.

exninja123 responds:

ehh.... no :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

just liked it because of the music from kingdom hearts

exninja123 responds:

haha, cool! xD
kingdom hearts music is pretty awesome! :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like the idea behind it, but she's looking for a prince right?
she gets a letter from a prince, and instead of reading it, discards it immediately into a pile of letters from... him? (among others right?) idk... what im getting at is, is she worthy of him if he's been waiting outside the door for him while she gets the letter and then instantly discards it without even thinking? =/

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the review! :)
and yes, the princess is not worthy for the prince but that's the beauty of what love is.
the prince, or jesus, is what this unconditional love is: patient, kind and eternal.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Jesus slept with the princess?

exninja123 responds: