Dear, Princess

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I made this for Valentine's Day.
A short narrative animation about a princess who recieves a special letter.

Sorry for the awful voiceacting, hopefully I will get better in the future.
Thank you for watching! Thanks for the compliments and critiques! :)
Wow! Thanks Newgrounds for the Daily 3rd place and for the frontpage appearance! :D

(READ THIS!!!!!!)
*This may bother others (I didn't realize about this issue, sorry for those who felt tricked) but this movie is about the person of Jesus Christ (not religion).
If you are bothered by that fact, I am sorry but THIS is what the story IS.*

I noticed some people didn't understand the story, and to be honest, it may be hard for one to understand.
So here's what the story actually meant (sorry for any grammatical errors):

This story is NOT about love in a romantic way, I'm talking about REAL love. Unconditional love shared between a parent and a child.

The princess symbolize the everyday person, you and me (gender does not really matter)
She is alone and gives letters to her prince.
I represented the six princes as her family, friends, boyfriend, money/fame, drugs and religion but overall I just wanted to convey anything that one seeks for in life.
And obviously, how life goes on, everything that the princess (we) admire rejected us, and left us hurt, in pain.
Pain leaves a scar in us whether it's emotional or physical (as if it almost felt like you were stabbed on the back, or pierced by a sword). Hence I showed that pain in a physical manifestation of the princes stabbing the princess.

Here's where I placed the gospel:
"The Prince" is Jesus Christ.
The letters the princess recieves and rejects is Jesus' voice.
Despite that, we still try to find the other prince (which was foolish because a prince, rather, "The Prince" was right there behind the door)
It's when the princess, comes to the point of crisis (the lowest point) to make her realize that she had no prince to give letters to anymore (have anyone to seek out for to love/ be loved).
Then she realizes the letters (voice of Christ) in her life.
When she listens, she hears "The Prince" knocking on the door.

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." (Revelation 3:20)
The Prince is here, waiting for you, knocking at the door of your heart.
He wants you to open it, but he will wait for you.
Jesus is patient, kind and eternal = Love

Jesus is waiting for you to come join him, so you can have eternal life, a neverending tale, an awesome journey to his kingdom.
He wants to go there with you, together.

In the story, "The Prince", Jesus was the princess' seventh prince.
7 is the common number used in the gospel.
I based if off from the biblical story of the Samaritan Woman from John 4.


Just decided to register to give you my thoughts.

First off, I don't believe in God, Jesus. And really don't like religion in a whole. But, I do not discourage people from believing in it because they do encourage some good morals. And have created some fantastic people, which the message you tried to portray through in your work and shows the type of person you are.

-Animation-: The style you went with in terms of animation was pleasing, but obviously you can do more to spruce it up. Such as more movement instead of still images, especially with the swords. Such as being stabbed one by one with possibly the letter she wrote being stabbed mid flight? It's a thought process, but you did a fine job with the style of animation.

-Art-: Simple. And I personally like it. The first parts of the animation are simple to understand and fill the mind on who or what the figures could be. Was one prince drop dead gorgeous and have a horrible personality? Or the other have a face of a Narwhal? It let's the imagination go. But, when you transition into the anime style (It was hinted it was headed that way, or I saw it coming) it sort of got rid of that mystery. In a good way. It fleshes out the picture and the happy ending. In general though, your art does need improving. Just general touch ups than anything else.

-Voice Acting-: I will be honest and say you do need work. You sound as if your simply talking silently to yourself than portraying a message to a group. I recommend having something to talk to. Put a stuffed animal or a cup in front of you and talk to it. It might seem silly, but so is voice acting when you are simply yelling into a microphone all alone.
As for your Mic quality, it also needs some work and needs to be more clear. But it's forgivable since not everyone has a studio quality mic.

-Music-: The music isn't memorable, to a point where I actually sat here going "Was there any music in this animation?" So I went back to listen to it again.

You did pick the right music, and the volume didn't go over your voice or distract from the story. That's all I got I've no real knowledge on music being plugged into stuff.

-Story/Message-: I didn't get your core message, at all. Like a lot of people I thought this was a sweet romantic deal. Not once did Jesus Christ enter my mind. Due to that I highly recommend doing research or studying from other's on how to portray a message better. Either visually, by sound, or other.

The story though was interesting to witness, but I personally was confused on some things. Which probably even enhanced the experience. Such as "Why is she being rejected? Are the princes just snobby or was there something wrong with the girl?" My imagination filled that hole. Which is probably for the better. If you listen to some people complain about the clone wars being realized in StarWars, then you might get my meaning.

Overall: It was good, not a masterpiece obviously(Not everything is, don't fret). I highly enjoyed the experience and encourage you to do more. YOUR message was not portrayed correctly, which is fine and can be worked on. Animation and art needs work but the style was great.

I hope you continue to do more. <3

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exninja123 responds:

wow, thanks for the thorough critique and review! :D

Looks lovely. From a visual standpoint, the silhouettes versus color, though a commonly-used style, does a good job conveying atmosphere.

The voice acting is alright. It could be worse (much worse), but it could be a little better. It seemed to lack power. Try speaking from your diaphragm more. It may add that needed "oomph".

The narration was fairly good, but I'd suggest you try editing a bit more in the future. Try more vocabularic variation, especially in sentences where you use the same word twice. This may just be a pet peeve on mine, but I think it would sound far better.

The symbolism is pretty clever. I've not seen that sort of interpretation before. So yay, originality.

The theme is not to my taste, but that's besides the point. Overall, I think that technically, this was pretty well done. So good job. 7/10.

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :)

wha? i was very confused at first, but you know what that was very gentle and meaningful in so many different ways...well u deserve some credit for it...after i read your explanation I have to admit you have an interesting analogy...but idk about you, I felt as though your message was a bit "forced" so to speak...maybe because of modern perceptions of religion, but nonetheless it was still a good plot :)

In regards to the animation, it was pretty good by itself, I liked the whole silhouette style, but the voice acting was not that great...I think it was because you said several unnecessary details like "she heard a knock on the door, and then went to the door to open it"...you could have said it a lot more creatively...this sort of thing kind of detracted from the whole experience as well, also adding to the "forced" feeling of the plot

Nonetheless a good effort, keep it up, one can only but improve if they keep their hearts and minds in the right place :)

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)

The art style is cool. I like how you give it sort of a traditional anime style, but play with shilouettes in the beginning. Your voice acting isn't professional quality to be sure, but it's subdued and understated enough to the point where it isn't obnoxious or in anyone's face. As for the theme/story, not to my tastes personally, but it's a clever analogy, and I respect the execution.

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :)

I would express my disgust for your spoilers but "alexandernoot2013" explains what i want to say rather well so go read it yourself

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the review anyways! :)

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