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8bit Retro: Xenophobe

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This old game is pretty straight forward âEU" collect the equipment, weapons and kill the aliens. Use arrow keys + SHIFT to control your character.

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LOL! awesome! haven't played this in forever. loading time is about as accurate as you'd wanna get xP, and is the secret xeno-filled room in this version?

@ b-som1
it's a recreation of the game Xenophobe so adding and or changing things would therefor make it inaccurate... just sayin'.

great stuff
the only big problem i had was that there was almost no real reason to stand, meaning my character was crawling trough the spaceship most of the time, i'd like to see some taller enemies so i don't have too look like a toddler while blowing aliens. also the aliens hemselves i suppose are a nice homage ALIEN but the the title is kind of kind awkward as xenophobia is a fear of humans, i get that you were aiming for something similar xenomorph, but they're called that because they were hatched from humans. i'd also love to see something original.
the music is great. artwork is all lovely. the gameplay lacks though, there wasn't realy much strategy the only choices i had to make were wich weapon to pick up, and even that was mostly luck. combat with aliens consists of ducking and shooting with occasional shaking to get the rape aliens of your back. whould've been nice to see some room for tactical thinking.
also i don't get why everyone is complaining about the shift/sticky keys problem since you can just turn that warning off...

I really liked the music though.

These load times are insane. Sticky keys keep coming up... No, no, no, no, no.

sorry dude i couldnt get very far in your game because every 2 secs i had sticky keys turning on. maybe change your controls. load time sucks. i played 2 or 3 other games while i waited for yours to load.
change shift to space and maybe ill try it again.

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3.49 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2012
12:46 AM EST