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The Animated Vlog, Ep: 2

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Episode 2 of my series tells you everything you need to know about your own spirituality. Happy enlightenmenting, everyone!

Update: Thanks for the front page honor, Newgrounds!

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Not bad, Not bad...But i really dont understand the point of this "VLOG"

Oponok responds:

The point is to entertain, really. The "Vlog" in the title is simply more of a conceptual hook and a way to both unify, qualify, and justify these rants. It just seems like a more fresh title and premise than "The Passive Adventures of Nameless Bird Mascot."

Well at least it wasn't your typical internet atheist stupidly generic and offensive shit.

3 stars for you.

Oponok responds:

I'm not quite sure what the take away is, here. Thanks for watching!

But the old Clash of the Titans has female nudity.

Oponok responds:

Well... how many young folks who went to see the new one ever saw the old one? It's sort of like when Britney Spears covered the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." Or something.

Amusing musing to racing pacing. Downloading Clash of Titans right meow. The new one. Cuz the new one's always better.

Quick animation, fast speech and a neat style. It's flash movies like this which I still close to newgrounds, it's really refreshing between all the game parodies.

I don't exactly get how the vlog made it in the title it's more like a standup rant of sorts. But given the negative association i ussually have with those this also helped with the whole nice susprise feeling I got while watching this.

If I can make one recommendation it was a tad hard to understand everything, I managed and liked it but I can understand some will not. It would not be a bad idea to add optional subtitles. But I dont deem it that neccesary if you dont get that many complaints about it.

Looking forward for more if coming ;)

Oponok responds:

This series started out as videos in which I animated a version of myself relating stories directly into the camera, but I really only shared those with my friends. From there, I decided that my website mascot would be a more interesting narrator and visual hook, and somehow I came to the conclusion that a fun, hip hop aesthetic would be really fun and atypical. The title "The Animated Vlog" stuck, because these rants are pretty stream-of-consciousness and don't really serve a traditional narrative of any kind.

I'm planning on a run of six at the rate of one-per-month, then I'll take a break so I can work on other projects, and maybe pick up again down the road for six more, and so on. I don't want to run the idea into the ground, so I'm trying to be aware of the writing quality and the responses I get.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.

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4.20 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2012
11:27 PM EST