PigBoy Adventures *DEMO*

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Hey Guys, i'm working on a new game right now, but thought id share a little sneak peak, there are still a few minor glitches that need sorting out, and of course this demo only comes with a short level, where the full game will be packed with levels and alot more stuff to do, i know the problems with this so please don't point them out:) the full game wont be around for a few months yet so just thought id put somthing up for now :)
comments are greatly appreciated so don't hesitate, just please no spam on stuff i already know ;)
Enjoy for the brief time it will take to complete this level Lol :P


i dont really like games that you move with the wasd keys its pretty annoying so try to fix that but otherwise its a pretty good game

Sko-J responds:

Its not really fix more jut a change of code it didn't happen by accident Lol, thought id go with summin different, but thanks for the comment

Right where to start lol
far to fuzzy, u need to tell people what the controls are and why did you pick as,fg instead of just left and right? it could do with something telling you what the green pig is and why your getting to it, the ledges are far too glitchy eg you carnt jump while under a ledge and if you jump abit wrong u get stuck in the brown bit, i dont think its possible to get all the coins might be wrong though. but if u sort them out it could be a good game carnt wait to see the finished product

PS. i dont think i have ever spent more time writing a reveiw then playing the game lol

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Sko-J responds:

hey thanks for the input, although i did mention in my description that i knew all the bugs and glitches and prefer not to be told them all LOL, they are all being sorted and actually most of them have already :) just the matter of building all the levels and cut scenes now, haha well i appreciate the commitment ;) Lol although its not hard considering
the length of the level itself :P

almost too glitchy for a demo (though I do love making him duck and slide around). The controls are a bit confusing and the text/foreground being fuzzy makes it appear kind of dark. I like the cute speckled pigs though. There are times I go to jump onto a platform and get stuck in the middle of it, I do have trouble getting on top of them at all. Other times I walk under the platform to get the coins and the pig doesn't line up correctly so I can't get to them. The fuzziness is a little disorienting too. Apart from that it looks like it has some potential. Throw in a motive and a bit of something extra and it could be a really nice game.

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Needs a little more in the demo but the graphics look good so far

Sko-J responds:

haha yh i know its a very short level it was mainly to see how the game was running on the web and to get some comments o the concept, which i spose isn't that clear with such a short demo level Lool my apologies, thanks for comment and voting though :)

The game doesn't look bad, but it's too fuzzy.

It's the controls that kill it. The keys are too disorganized to make it playable and fun. Use the arrow keys. If you need to run, press the Space Bar. As it is, the keys are too far apart and varied.
0/5 2/10.

Sko-J responds:

I find the keys quite reachable if your right hand is over the up key and left hand is over S and F and obviously just spread your fingers apart slightly for the run keys which are the next keys in each direction, i chose this because to many games have the same designated keys thought id make a change Lol thanks for the commets though.

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2.12 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2012
10:57 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other