Ask Derpy Hooves #1

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Derpy Hooves answers a question from her Tumblr in animated form, with sticky and noisome results for Rarity.


Crude and offensive, but plays off of some of the show's internal gags well. Especially enjoyed Spike continuing even after being caught.


A bit off, but the ending....just keep on watching me....yeah....

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The animation was unsatisfactory and I think the punch line is going to give me nightmares (excuse the pun) forever.

I think next time you should try to focus more on the animation and make the entire joke feel more strung together. It felt too much like a non sequitur, considering how it jumped from Derpy to Rarity to Spike. In addition, vulgarity =/= humour, so try to focus more on actual funny than just freaking people out with a masturbating dragon - if he's masturbating, there better be a really damn good reason why, just with any other action he's doing.

I don't get why everyone on here is saying that just because this is a gross cartoon about ponies, that it's a ripoff of Hotdiggitydemon. He was not the first.

Getting that out of the way, I did not like the animation. There was no real style to movement or art, so it just came off as shoddy. The writing wasn't bad, though.

To all other reviewers, that is what you call constructive criticism.

Catfood-McFly responds:

Thank you for that! That's fair enough. This was only the 3rd thing I ever animated and I only took 3 days over it on and off, so it was never going to be high art (although I only literally just this second noticed this thing won daily 4th, for reasons I do not understand, but, er, that's great!)

Regarding the .mov ripoff claims, I'll just say my piece once, then shut up. I love the .movs cartoons. I can recite them all pretty much off by heart. I'm a big fan of Giraldi's work.

But I do have one issue with them, and it isn't remotely his fault - they have made it nearly impossible for anyone to make a pony parody without calls of 'APPLE.MOV ripoff!!" I draw stuff the way I always have, I'm learning the basics of animation and even if the .movs didn't exist I still would have made this, although it probably would have been slightly different because *of course* there was an influence there, because he's a very good animator! But he's not the be all and end all of pony parodies! Want to go further back? The .movs owe a colossal debt to John Kricfalusi. Any shame in that? Of course there isn't, the man's a genius. Giraldi took a huge influence from there and built on it.

The MLP phenomenon (not too strong a word, I think) is way too large to be underscored by one guy. I'm not really thinking of my cartoon but of all the others, some of which are actually good, who have "APPLE.MOV COPY" flung at them the second they break surface.

It's pretty much the same thing as music videos on youtube now, which have become notorious for having Justin Bieber mentioned in the comments (usually as a comparison, positively or not) no matter how relevant he actually is to the video in question. It's kind of stifling.

TL;DR - Judge pony toons on their own merits for God's sake, and don't hold HotDiggedyDemon's work up as a yardstick for the entire genre! But feel free to rip the piss out of my work so far, 'cos it's the ramblings of a deranged n00b.

Can't wait for Twilight's .mov!

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Feb 18, 2012
9:56 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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