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New update: new level and more bug fixes

!!! Please notify me if you find any glitches/bugs !!!

This is very unfinished, do not expect anything awesome from this, i just want your opinion if you think the game might get good, or not.
(sorry for no sound, i might add sound on the next update)

Warning! bug! you will need to play, then wait then click play again! sorry for the inconvenience

also, save and load does not work


I enjoyed it, I just have one pet peeve. While you are on moving platforms, it would be nice to move with them.

Amazing game. I was blown away by the simplistic graphics, strong core gameplay, and AI. Also the green undefined in the bottom left corner leaves a powerful moral message, is our life defined by anything?

m4dgoblin responds:

lol, that undefined thing is because im trying to make signs say things, but they can only say numbers, so.. it is undefined...

Great game built on a relatively good premise. To improve, what might be needed more than anything is a greater distinction between the background and the foreground. Aside from that, you got the game pretty damn straight.

Smooth control so far and yes sound would make it much better,looking forward for a longer and more complete version

m4dgoblin responds:

thank you :)

It's not a bad setup if you attached a story and updated the graphics and made the rpg system work it could be a good game.

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2.44 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2012
8:30 PM EST
Adventure - RPG