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1. You can modify controls after dying to Lilly once.
2. You can press down+jump to slide
3. You can replay the game to find something more challenging

Katawa Shoujo is a bittersweet romance visual novel where the reader roleplays as Hisao Necktie: a highschooler who has become afflicted with a heart condition that forces him to enroll at Yamaku, a school designed for physically disabled students. Hisao eventually copes with his new condition and regains a new outlook in life with the help of one of the five possible romantic interest; all crippled in some way or form.

Katawa Shoujo: Symphony of the Feminists is something completely different.

Go download Katawa Shoujo and stop reading this

Music credits:
rockman Z4 OST - Power field
Konami - Dance of Illusions
Fist of the North Star - Kenshiro no Theme

Did I mention you guys gave awesome reviews? The praises were great but the criticisms were even better, it lets me know exactly what players liked and hated. All other reviews I've read elsewhere are one line spams that are shit, but this? this is pure gold. Thanks for putting time into this.


Well, having just beaten the second boss, I gotta say I'm a little disappointed.
You had the prime chance to introduce Kenji Satou to his most dangerous foe, or rather foes. A pair of blue and pinked haired succubi, one of whom who may or may not be a female duplicate of such a manly hero, meant to replace him in a feminist-regime ruled world.

Honest thoughts though, I didn't have any real issues with controls. It felt good enough to control and attack, though I never did figure out what pushing the up arrow did (must not of been anything too amazing, at least I'm hoping so). That second boss can be a real bugger, but once you get the timing down on how long a certain attack takes to go off, its not all that hard, specially since there is no blindness trick tossed in near the last part of the fight, just dodging said attack and hoping a certain other attack isn't flying about at the same time.

A shame you haven't played much of the series though. You could of put in some neat little easter eggs into the game, specially since the area this is based off of in Symphony had a few nice things. Heck, first time I played it, I was expecting Hisao to come running in for a revive when I first died. Heck, if you beat Lily without using any items or dying, you should of got Kenji's epic optical blast.

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ShadowWhoWalks responds:

if I ever gain the artistic ability to draw Misha and Shizune in Panty and Stocking transformation sequence, and have them fire drills and eyeglass beams at Kenji, I would burn away my life force to see it completed, alas, I'm still learning. Food for thought.

Will throw less parody and more content at people next time I try something like this, thanks.

I Love This Game, I thought it was very funny, in the the way that it's castlevania. Thank you good sir for making this wonderful Game

It is a good game for the most part. I don't understand what the turkey thing is for though.. :((
I was able to beat Lily Satou and Akira Satou using the pretzel boomerang thing. For Lily, i just used my scarf until she became invisible; when she did i just throwed my boomerang whenever i hear her appear, hoping it will hit at least once. When Lily uses the falling teacup attack, there is a bit of space between the 1st set and the 2nd set. After the 1st set of teacups explode, move a little to the left or right, just barely touching the fire from the 1st set ot fteacups. A
bit hard at first, but after a while, you'll get used to it and their tactics.
The first time i played, i didn't have any projectile and I couldn't damage Lily at all. I didn't know I had to hit her head to actually damage her.
But what made me enjoy the most was the voice acting. I never expected that. Plus you really got Kenji's character.

Katawa Shoujo + Castlevania = Awesome

'C' is your projectile, choose from lobbed Jack Daniels or pretzel(?) boomerangs. I recommend the latter, especially against Lily. Destroy candles and torches for ammunition. Leap Miki's 3xShot then await the following hop from a distance to greet her landing with a crouched scarf.

Only three attacks on Lilly. Jump>crouch for fireballs, leap rainbowls, and the bowl debris... fuck if I know. The attack window is right when she ports in, just make one attack then await hers. Pretzels can rebound for 2x dmg. Simply keep trading properly, swing then concentrate. Invisibility changes nothing.

'Replay' after for a real fight with Akira. You can sometimes wait>jump>scarf the homing rocket 40's. Slide under her fire potion airpose if you're too close to back out. Rush in a scarf before gunshots, then the wait>jump, then another scarf. Using Jack Daniels can technically block the 40s/firepot/3xBeer, but they're awkward and don't hasten her demise like pretzels. Akira is not for a novice, rushing won't work, a kill requires surviving many attacks unharmed. Succeed and enjoy the author's supposed disbelief.

It's a satisfying fight, yet 4/5 because let's face it, this game is nothing but. Feel free to repost any of this if it's useful.

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Feb 18, 2012
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